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  • Even a Chansey can beat you up rather easily in a fist fight; it's called super powers. People who insist on letting their pokemon hit them have a tendency to wind up in the hospital.
    • A lot of pokemon are really damn terrifying. That's part of what makes them awesome.
  • Cofagrigus eat gold to later form the masks of their children.
    • Cofagrigus eat humans because they need their spirits to form Yamask. Female Cofagrigus process human spirits into yamask and lay them as eggs.
      • Male Cofagrigus may or may not transfer the spirits of humans they eat to their mate. Else, what would the purpose be of males also eating people / gold?
  • The gastly line are like cats; they enjoy playing with their prey before they 'pounce'.
    • Haunter's pokedex entries are describing the move 'Lick'. The entire gastly line and any other pokemon using lick is literally licking the opponent's soul like an ice cream cone. The unrelenting shaking described is paralysis. Most pokemon are capable of taking several direct licks without dying however, due to super durability.
  • The sole reason Giratina is not a dark type is that it does not understand the horrors of what it does due to being in a constant state of insanity, or super sanity as it may be. Somehow in it's twisted mind it manages to perceive the cruelty it inflicts on others as good.
  • The bodies honedge's victims are sometimes possessed. They will be turned into knights of undeath if allowed to amass enough power.
    • If honedge's ability to drain it's wielders soul was somehow suppressed the wielder would slowly be driven mad by the undead energies flowing through them and subsequently wither into undeath regardless.
  • Gourgeist wraps it's vines around it's victims, binding them to it's body. It then allows them to starve as it slowly feeds on their life energy, using them as a portable food source for however long they last. It also feeds off of it's victims negative emotions, including their despair.
    • Gourgeist is the most disturbing pokemon in the entire game. Holy shit!
  • Eelektross is capable of generating short range hurricane force winds with it's sucker mouth in order to yank people off the ground and into a better position for biting.
  • Haxorus is a raptor with an axe-head and armoring.

Specific Pokemon

  • Your partner in the first two PMD games is a torchic; torchic have an extremely hard time seeing in low light environments (like caves) and this is why your partner is so dependent on you in the games.


  • Most humans cannot reach more than 1 in any base stat regardless of whether they're fit. Exceptional humans may reach 2 in some base stats.
  • Humans in the pokemon world often have a very hard time functioning without pokemon, as they're simply too used to having convenient, super powered, friendly creatures around to make things easy and efficient.
    • Simply removing pokemon from the equation alone is a recipe for an apocalyptic disaster.

Specific Humans

  • The first gen rival's name is Green. The cut female player character from first gen's name is Blue. Blue was the fan-name for the girl for ages because such was her name in the original fan translation of Pokemon Special Adventures and so it should have stayed. Fuck switching people's names around. I ain't having none of that noise just so that Japan can continue claiming I'm too lazy to get the reference.
  • Blue / Leaf, the female player character from RBY / FRLG respectively, left Pallet Town alongside Red and Green. She became a victim of sexism however and wound up going her own way instead of competing with Red and Green in an effort to find peace in a world that judged her for wearing a mini-skirt. ( I wrote a short fan fiction exploring this. )
    • She is good friends with both Red and Green and showed up to help with the assault on Silph Co.
      • She decided to travel the world instead of chill on a frigid mountain. Green and Red may or may not have decided to join her at some point.
  • The BW2 protagonists are the strongest in the series, followed by either the BW1 protags or the GSC protags followed by the RBY protags or the XY protags. This is based on what they accomplished in their respective story lines.
  • Noteworthily, the girl's mention of a white hand upon Red's shoulder in RBY would seem to imply that Red is burdened with the loss of someone dear to him. Perhaps his father, in the same war Lt. Surge fought in?

Human-Pokemon Relations

  • Guns don't exist because the simply don't have any practical use. In a world full of quick, powerful, durable super powered monsters what is the point of a gun? Hand held weapons are simply incapable of hurting pokemon for the same reason shooting superman never, ever works. Therefore, almost nobody bothers making them.
  • Pokemon feel a supernatural, platonic attraction towards humans and vice versa. While this does not dominate their minds it is significant and can usually be explained as the reason most pokemon opt out of going out of their way to kill humans or vice versa.
    • This is explained in [REDACTED] as being a result of [REDACTED]. I believe that this is indicative of a [REDACTED]
    • Dark pokemon don't seem to feel this bond, or perhaps rather choose to ignore it. That's what makes them dark. For obvious reasons shadow pokemon don't feel this bond either.

Government and Culture

  • Kanto / Johto culture is based very heavily on japanese culture, much more so than any other region. Hoenn and Sinnoh are cultural plotholes, Unova is based on a very urban America and Kalos is based on a very rural France.
    • Things like the white hand referenced in RGBY are just obscure japanese culture and were never meant to be taken literally by westerners. A white hand on your shoulder refers to a metaphorical burden someone is carrying, much like we say a chip on someone's shoulder; This is usually in the context of someone close to them dying. Kanto / Johto natives probably wouldn't find this saying frightening at all.
  • In the pokemon world it is a wildly held belief that one's prowess in battle is a reflection of their internal wisdom. This has managed to survive for so long because evil dudes tend to be dicks that don't treat their pokemon all that well and thus wind up losing when it comes down to the grit, making N all the more terrifying of an exception.
    • Gym Leaders are basically the equivalent of a town's mayor. Their function as an actual combatant is to prepare young and upcoming trainers for the real world; to this end they will restrain or use weaker pokemon against weaker trainers. In the instance of an unusually strong / veteran trainer facing them (Level 60+ ingame) they are simply verifying that trainer's strength and will take their loss with extreme grace, perhaps even light-heartedly joking about how the trainer has simply come too far to be led along by the hand anymore.
      • The reason no dark type gym leaders exist is that they tend to be dicks and a dick is not a suitable personality type for the job description.
        • The Pokemon League in contrast holds no punches and there is no expectation of the elite four or champion to 'help' their challengers. Pre-rematch levels are simply a form of 'easy mode'.
    • Children beating the pokemon league or even becoming elite four is reasonably unusual. Most children simply lack the skills to compete with veterans, and most children don't have the benefit of training against a Team Evil along the way. For your average person the learning curve is significantly less convenient. The protagonists are simply very gifted. Occasionally however a startlingly young person winds up the champion of an entire region... Iris.

The Anime

  • The anime suffers from too many consistency errors to be regarded as a source of canon. A canonity that frequently contradicts itself is simply an unhealthy basis to be making conclusions on.
    • This is not the fault of the anime's writers but rather the medium itself. TV shows tend to be episodic by nature because the medium puts profit against good writing. It is very hard to balance the two, and the pokemon anime honestly does a better job than some other shows.
      • Despite being a poor source for canonity, the anime is definitely good food for thought. It is a decent way to inspire ideas, so long as they are checked first and not accepted blindly. Things like descriptions of attacks are particularly useful things to take from it.
  • Ash's age, as well as most other young people in the anime, are simply non-canon. The writers view it as shit nobody cares about and with good reason. Actually looking at Ash's and any of his companions appearance reveals that they not only are not ten but have apparently gone through puberty. This is never clearer than when you watch Ash dwarf 'little kids' despite the fact that he's 'supposed' to be one himself.
    • Sailor Moon is supposed to be 14, but take one look at her and tell me that's not bullshit. Pokemon is simply a less extreme instance of this yet-to-be-named trope.

The Manga

  • The manga is an amazing adaptation of the games with a respectable and usually non-self-contradictory canon. It is however not compatible with the games, simply because of things like original content and characters that don't necessarily match up to their game counterparts.
    • Like the anime, the manga is great food for thought.

WAAPT headcanon



  • Pokemon names should only be capitalized if they're referring to a name and not a species. If your dog was named Dog you would not write that you "need to walk my Dog". You would however write "I need to walk Dog.".
  • The pokedex is a source of meta trivia. This is why it displays a sort of omniscience about every pokemon, even those never seen before.
    • The same holds true for many other sources of lore in the series. This is why it's bullshit to dismiss the dex.