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Some of this stuff conflicts with WAAPT, but no one said it couldn't. In cases where it comes up, WAAPT will, of course, rein superior. But expect to find this in whatever fanfics I may or may not do the future.


I view the Legendaries as a Greek pantheon of sorts, all governing over different aspects of the world. Trio masters are major gods that make sure that the trio they master over (who are lesser gods) aren't abusing their powers, and they respond to Arceus who does the same to them. Arceus, of course, serves as the big mon God who never makes mistakes, allowing all religions to be happy in Pokemon. All non-gendered legendaries have a preferred gender, although they can choose to be of either gender, so it's proper to refer them as its until you know for sure. They are, however, still immune to gender-based moves. And here's a list:

  • Articuno: God of ice.
  • Zapdos: God of electricity.
  • Moltres: God of fire.
  • Mewtwo: Male, but isn't god of anything due to being artificial.
  • Mew: God of life, but has become more of an animal god to cooperate with Celebi.
  • Raikou: God of lightning.
  • Entei: God of explosions.
  • Suicune: God of rain.
  • Lugia: God of storms.
  • Ho-oh: God of the sun.
  • Celebi: Goddess of plants.
  • Regirock: God of rocks.
  • Regice: God of crystals.
  • Registeel: God of ores.
  • Latios: God of males, and (with Latias) the soul.
  • Latias: Goddess of females, and (with Latios) the soul.
  • Kyogre: God of seas.
  • Groudon: God of the land.
  • Rayquaza: God of the atmosphere.
  • Jirachi: Goddess of space rocks*.
  • Deoxys: God of evolution.
  • Uxie: God of knowledge.
  • Mesprit: Goddess of emotion.
  • Azelf: God of willpower.
  • Dialga: God of time.
  • Palkia: God of space.
  • Heatran: God of lava.
  • Regigigas: God of guardians.
  • Giratina: God of antimatter.
  • Cresselia: Goddess of light and dreams.
  • Manaphy: God of water.
  • Darkrai: God of darkness and nightmares.
  • Shaymin: Goddess of flowers.
  • Arceus: God of gods.
  • Victini: God of victory.
  • Cobalion: God of determination.
  • Terrakion: God of risk-taking.
  • Virizion: God of kindness.
  • Tornadus: God of winds.
  • Thundurus: God of lightning.
  • Reshiram: God of energy.
  • Zekrom: God of technology.
  • Landorus: God of agriculture.
  • Kyurem: God of destruction.
  • Keldeo: God of loyalty.
  • Meloetta: Goddess of culture.
  • Genesect: Male, but isn't god of anything due to being artificial.

There is exactly one of each legendary that exists as a "soul" and is immortal. This "soul" is free to make avatars to link it to the physical world, but the more avatars it makes, the weaker the avatars become. All legendaries are limited to a single concept for an avatar, but this avatar can take whatever form it wishes, even having multiple forms if it chooses to.

Genesect is only considered a legendary because of the parallels it draws to Mewtwo: It's extremely powerful and it defies pretty much all science. They were both also created by villainous teams, but they were highly illegal so it's not supposed to be mentioned.

About conflicting government

  • Moltres is the god of fire as an element, while Heatran governs lava/magma and volcanoes specifically.
  • Zapdos is, like Moltres, the god of electricity as an element. Lugia is mostly for major storms, more calm ones are usually dictated by Suicune and Tornadus. Raikou and Thundurus share the position of lightning due to the large amounts of it.


  • The Lake trio ultimately govern over the mind, which is completely separate from the soul.
  • The Sabots are Monifications of the mentality of a hero/ine, and serve more to actually be heroes than represent them. Victini is their secret final weapon if needed, and usually spends his free time creating special effects at parties.
  • The Regi trio ultimately govern over elements of the planet. Regigigas isn't all that connected to them other than being their overseer.
  • Space rocks=comets, meteors, asteroids, etc.
  • Celebi's time travelling powers stem (pun not intended) from the fact that as life, plants cannot have their aging sped up.
  • Entei is the god of explosions because SOMEBODY has to. It's better than the alternatives, but it requires a lot of crying. You know, from the anime.
  • Phione are helpers to Manaphy due to the large amounts of water in the world, even excluding water that other Legendaries govern. They are not Legendary.

Pokemon Biology

  • Experience points do exist, but as a special chemical called Expon that is released by a Pokemon upon fainting. This chemical contains many nutrients, with amounts varying on the Pokemon (EVs). Once enough has been collected and packaged by the brain, it is sent into the body and creates instant growth (leveling up).
  • Shadow Pokemon have not had their hearts closed, since the most accurate way for that to happen would kill them. They have instead been injected with a specialized Obscura that infects their brain and overrides their voluntary signals. Anything that requires the use of the remaining signals, including the collection of Expon, stimulates the nerves to create signals, which reduces the effect the Obscura has. The Purify Chamber does the same thing, simulating the reactions of the Pokemon getting hit by a move of the types of the Pokemon before them in the chain to the Shadow Pokemon.
  • When we at PEFE use the term "maturity" it's technically incorrect. A Pokemon's evolution is based on the amounts of Expon it absorbs in most cases, and two Pokemon of the same age could be at drastically different levels.


  • Poke Balls each have a small hyperspace that put the Pokemon inside into suspended animation, not even aging while inside. However, the Pokemon can still think while inside the ball if they choose; the other choice is to just succumb to the coma. A Pokemon's catch rate is determined by their resistance to being put into this animation. Stronger balls provide stronger influence, and everything else is mentally taxing on the Pokemon, reducing their resistance.
  • PCs are similar, and they store the Poke Ball in a separate data location.
  • The Focus Sash and Focus Band are made with a special texture that overflows sensor nerves, causing the entire nervous system to release a jolt of energy in the panic. They are tied tightly around the Pokemon that's holding it, and track the nerve signal. If a normal signal pattern suddenly stops, the Focus Sash activates, while the Focus Band activates sometimes whenever the pattern stops.

Game mechanics and the likes

  • Swiping something from somebody (I think it was Tagg...), moves are simply League approved and regulated techniques, done in the interest of fairness. Abilities are probably similar.