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Feel free to use any of the points below in own headcanon, with proper credit.


  • The reason new regions and Pokémon is because there is an equivalent of European Union in the Pokémon world. Every time a new region is accepted into the union, the Pokédex data is accordingly updated.


  • Speed determines how fast Pokémon can act in a normal battle, while any Pokédex entry refers to the speed achieved in perfect conditions. Hence Garchomp being faster than Pidgeot when Pokédex implies the latter is at least twice as fast the former one.


  • Acid is supereffective against Steel-type, unlike other Poison-type moves. Even noble metals aren't fully protected from acids, and most acids react very strong with metals.
  • While Thunderbolt is a direct jolt of lightning, Thunder needs an intermediary in a form of cloud. Hence its prone to missing when the weather is clear, due to weather being mostly cloudless, but it's also much more accurate when it's raining, because many rainclouds gather.
  • An inexperienced Pokémon's Iron Tail makes user's tail glow white. As the user grows experienced with the move, the move will gradually make tail turn metallic.


  • Some explaining on the type chart, where it's possible:
    • Fighting spots weak and loose points in steel and rock.
    • Flying-types eat bugs
    • Poison makes plants wither
    • Ground douses fire and easily shatters rocks
    • Rock shatters ice, douses fire and squishes birds and bugs
    • Ghost-type cannot dematerialize to make another Ghost-type's attack phase through it.
    • Steel shatters rock and ice, being harder than them.
    • Fire incinerates plants, melts ice and softens steel.
    • Water douses fire and softens rock and ground.
    • Grass absorbs water and can shatter solid rocks if given enough time.
    • Electricity under correct conditions, is conducted very well in water.
    • Ice freezes wings of Flying-types and plants. It also lowers body temperature of the Dragon-types who are cold-blooded, and hence their body temperature is dependent on the environment.


  • [Bitter] Lavender Tower wasn't demolished. The Kanto Radio Tower was built somewhere else.


  • Victreebel and Feraligatr are actually Victreebell and Feraligator, but because of Pokédex's old limitations and nostalgia Trainers getting accustomed, the faulty names are used.
  • When Magnemite evolves into Magneton, it gains heavier, sturdier metal to protect it. Hence why it weights ten times as much, instead of logically weighing three times as much.


  • Most of the Legendaries exist in multiple numbers. Those who do not, exist in specified, small quantity (such as Mewtwo or Arceus).


  • Pokemon Dollars are equivalent to yens, which are about the same value as american cents.


  • There are shards for every Plate, and their colors more or less are:
    • Draco - Crimson
    • Dread - Gray sapphire
    • Earth - Brown
    • Fist - Vermillion
    • Flame - Red
    • Icicle - Cyan
    • Insect - Olivegreen
    • Iron - Gray
    • Meadow - Green
    • Mind - Gray pink
    • Pixie - Pink
    • Sky - Cerulean
    • Splash - Blue
    • Spooky - Gray blue
    • Stone - Amber
    • Toxic - Purple
    • Zap - Yellow