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Well as of now this is going to be pretty blank. It's a WIP so don't complain.

In General/Unsorted

  • All Pokédex entries are mostly true, if a little exaggerated. The more consistent entries are from across multiple games means they're more accurate than exaggerated
  • Along the lines of the above, Gardevoir to protect their trainer can create a mini energy well that exhibits similar observable properties to a stereotypical black hole, created by the massive warping of reality when such a large amount of Psychic power is released in high concentration and in a small space. It vanishes quickly because it cannot sustain itself
  • Critical Capture is an actual phenomenon caused when experienced Pokémon catchers toss the ball in a specific and special way
  • Psuedo Legendaries are powerful enough to handle full-on real legendary Pokémon. Not for long, and not if they're only recently evolved to their final stage, but they can hold their own
  • Speed directly impacts evasiveness, the faster something is, the harder it is to hit
  • Protect can be broken through by powerful attacks or attacks that can't miss, as well it's heavily based on the user's condition. A Pokémon near fainting won't be able to create a barrier strong enough to be useful
  • Phione are actually made of water, they just retain their form and are solid without becoming ice, in some manner
  • Metagross can act as mobile internet service providers. No idea where this one came from, but I honestly believe it.
  • There are entire races of some Legendary Pokémon, but are not only extremely rare, they actively avoid interaction and encounters with other creatures
  • The reason why all Legendaries with a given sex don't breed in the daycare is because they're asexual
  • What is often referred to as gender in the Pokémon universe is actually biological sex, which is why some species are male or female only, and why certain evolutions are male or female dependent, because it relies on the species physiology and not their perception of the self
  • There are in fact religions based around human deities in the Pokémon universe
  • Legendaries are not worshiped, there is no collective organized religion in the Pokémon universe, the fact Arceus created the universe is a generally accepted fact, though families have patron legendaries and organizations use "religion" to get money
  • Jirachi is the most powerful Psychic, it's "wish granting" power is actually it using it's power to fundamentally change the chemical, physical, quantum, and all other properties of specific area's to effectively warp reality. This is why it sleeps all the time, recovering such power is massive.
  • In X/Y the protagonist is exceptionally good at bonding with Pokémon, which allows for Mega Evolution to take place immediately after capture. All other trainers have to be as close as family or lover with a Pokémon to be possible
  • Mega Evolution does allow Pokémon to challenge Legendaries
  • While Pokémon are the typical way of resolving issues, human to human combat is not too terribly uncommon.
  • Defeating the Elite Four makes on a Champion, the game protagonists simply choose not to accept the job as it involves a lot of standing around.
  • On the above: Most trainers start the Gym Challenge in the region, most of them dropping out before the sixth gym because they cannot overcome the challenge. About 10% of all trainers beat all eight gyms, and less than one percent can stand up to the elite four.
  • Prize money is a standard battle reward, and so battling is an actual occupation, however victory spoils can be determined prior to the battle
  • Trainer battles are issued in silly hammy overdramatic declarations using the challenger's and opponent's full names and dictating the terms. Friendly battles usually have no reward involved, and so can be refused and have no required victory prize, nor a declaration required.
  • Trainer Licenses are much like our world's driver's licenses, where certain kinds of Pokémon are illegal for certain populations based on criminal history, age, mental or psychological disabilities, but at the same time certain disabilities allow for some people to use Pokémon most people like them would be restricted from using. Champions, Elite Four members, and other high ranking officials are exempt from this. As well to get less restricted permits/licenses, single or several written and application tests can be performed.
  • Psychics are used in the justice system to help determine guilt.
  • One becomes a Gym leader by being chosen by either Region League Officials or by having the Gym Leader name one as their successor for if they retire or are promoted. They typically pick people who have trained in their gyms for a long time.