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Headcanon Priorities

While the main video game series and the Orre games take main priority in influencing how I interpret the Poke multi-verse. The anime is second, with The Pokemon Special manga coming up third. The sources that influence me the least are Fanon sources.


  • Catching Legendaries is possible.
    • Deity-Level Legendaries (the ones that "rule" over metaphysical aspects of the universe) can be caught - but not held indefinitely.
      • It is discouraged from even attempting to capture Deity-level mon due to the fact that if they are prevented from performing their designated function(s), they universe could start to fall apart.
    • If one sees a trainer with a deity-level legendary on their team, it is most likely to be a simulacrum of said legendary, created by said legendary.
    • The simulacrums will only have a fraction of the original's power with no great influence over the original's domain.
    • Such simulacrums are mostly likely made because of the Original's pity and a desire to reward the human(s) who over came such a trial as to fight a legendary and not "lose".
  • Man made Legendaries (like Mewtwo and Genesect) can be caught easier that some Deity-level Legenadaries, but require Massive amounts of training to actually have them listen too you.
  • Aside from a small number of Legendaries, there is only one of each Legendary in each universe.
    • None are immortal however. As living for extended periods of time can cause insanity, all Legendaries that there is only one of will allow themselves to "die" and be reborn. All past memories while not retained can still be accessed (like how reading a book or watching a video can give you information about the past).
  • All genderless Legendaries, while having no gender, have a masculine or feminine mindset.
    • And thus, will answer to male or female pronouns, respectively.
  • There are at least two Mewtwo in the world. After the scientific community eventually learned of the successful process of creating Mewtwo other teams of scientists attempted to repeat the feat. Any teams that successfully created a Mewtwo shared the fated of the original team.
    • Similarly, there is at least five Genesect in the world (Four purple and one red).


  • Inorganic mon (like the Beldum and Magnemite lines) as well as Ghost-types can live for outright centuries.
  • Fur and pelts from certain types of mon can be used as protection from certain elements. e.g. Fur from fire types can used to make garments that resist fire, but will eventually start to burn.
  • Leavanny Silk can be used to make incredibly durable - yet very comfortable - clothing.
    • However, the silk most be given a special chemical treatment to prevent the silk from breaking down rapidly.
  • The in-game Gardevoir sprites are just Conservation of Detail. Male Gardevoir have a broader chest area, less curled "hair", and the "skirt" looking more like a badass long coat.

Ghost Types

  • When humans (as well as all mon) die, they can choose to come back as a Ghost-type mon or pass on. However, only humans can go back as ghosts.
    • This process uses the leftover mass of the deceased human or mon's body to create the new mon.
  • Such Ghost-types make up a fairly small fraction of all Ghost-types.
  • Once a Ghost-type mon dies, it cannot come back as another ghost-type.


  • Mega Evolution is possible outside of battle.
  • The reason behind why only one mon can be mega evolved at time is because a link is formed between a trainer and their mon during mega evolution. Said link must be maintained consciously by both the trainer and the mon that was mega evolved.
  • So there are probably Legendary Pokemon that nobody could possibly defeat using attacks or status effects. You know, due to things like Recover and Refresh. So it's possible that the Poke Ball was originally invented as a way to calm them in the event of a rampage - as all you need is one lucky throw of a sufficiently powerful Poke ball. And then slowly poke balls became used for their modern-day mundane purpose.