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Vana is a (former) member of the School's Freshman Class.

Name: Vanadium
Nickname: Vana
Gender: Female
Sexuality: -
Age: 3 chronologically, 14 physically
Height: 5'01
Ethnicity: Alolan
Birthday: unknown
Trainer ID: -
Home: unknown
Pokéform: unknown
Starter: Hummy (Porygon Z)


Vana looks like a young teenage girl, tan skin and dark hair. She has the characteristic purple eyes of those created by the School. She tends to wear clothes that she has stolen from others, so they often fit poorly.


Vana started out as a rather timid young girl who was easily scared and afraid to use her abilities. However, after she was forced to take part in the attack on Hoops she became more assertive, as well as being willing to use her powers to manipulate others. She also became a lot more snarky with the people around her.


Vana has the ability to mess with the memories of people she makes physical contact with. She can remove, change, or insert memories into the mind of another person, though these effects only last for about an hour. She can also look at the memories of others, and even though these too fade she still retains a memory of the memory.