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This is the discussion page for an eventual, well, Worldbuilding Manual of Style. Here we will place discussion on how to create, grow, push and implement worldbuilding ideas in a world like the one of WAAPT, both from an in-universe perspective (how stuff works in the world) and an out-of-universe perspective (how to discuss ideas with other players).

In order for to effectively submit an idea for discussion, some important things must be taken into consideration:

  • Read Every's Essay!!!!!!!!!! – It contains important information regarding idea proposal.:
    • You are not the PC of the game. You are flat out unlikely to be The Very Best™ unless there is a very good reason why you and not someone else. Remember that people like Red exist.
    • Just because your idea is momentarily rejected™ it does not mean it is totally rejected™. We are a crazy RP in planning as well, and we do have quite a backlog on stuff to do!
    • Leave record of your ideas where people are bound to find them! If you have an idea that can span RP interaction at a high scale especially, posting it in Discussion should be of the highest priority.

More Stuff

Some other things that have to be considered when lifting a worldbuilding idea for evaluation:

  • You don't need a bachelor degree on Creative Musings of Arcadian Literature to propose an idea. Ask around and you'll find out some of the funniest and most interesting concepts implemented in this RP grew out of complete chatroom randomness or from seemingly completely unrelated conversations.
  • If you are planning an idea or concept, try to find out if it interferes with some already established dynamics or if it depends on something particular.
  • Remember this is an RP about Pokémon, not about Metroid or Assassin's Creed, etc. If we want to reference or pay homage, try to import and adapt available concepts.
  • Remember the world does not only contain your characters. If you want to implement an idea about World War 10, remember that not only the other players must be accounted for, but also a myriad of NPCs who are living their own lives.
  • As Tagg would say: Don't assume. Ask around to see if people understand your terms and concepts the same way you do.
  • Don't assume that just because your idea gets accepted in 5 minutes in the chatroom it is OK with the entirely of the playerbase. Not everyone can be at the chatroom at every time nor can parse the entirely of the logs; many of us juggle studies and work, so it is important to make your proposals clearly available. See the point above on using Discussion.
  • Don't be afraid to try and implement something new. If you have a good and fun idea and you feel you're not completely up for it, hey, surely you're not the only one who likes that idea!
  • Don't be afraid to have to retcon things either. A retcon can fix and straighten out things that would screw things royally in the long run if left unchecked. That said, a retcon is something quite extreme, so only use it when there is consensus that no less painful alternative is viable.
  • ...More suggestions?
  • And then we have to sort and formalize this stuff.