Andante Diminuendo

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Andante Diminuendo is one of the Morendo family's ancestors.


Andante is fairly similar to her descendant Mezzo. She has short hair and green eyes, and usually wears a black robe. Her hair was originally brown, but turned blue after she achieved her Warrior Transformation. Like her descendant, she has a boyish appearance to her, causing her to be mistaken for male on occasion.


Andante is a wandering musician who has come to Ransei to seek fame and fortune. She is originally from the Pokéverse equivalent of Italy. While she may appear weak at first glance, she is actually a competent fighter who cultivates this image to keep her opponents off guard. Her weapon of choice and chosen instrument is a harp, which she can deliver quite a smack with.


  • Andante served the nation of Yaksha, under the leadership of Fukurou.
  • Is an ancestor of the Morendo siblings.

Further Details

  • Age: Somewhere in her early twenties.
  • Type specialty: Dark
  • Perfect Link: Purrloin line
  • Warrior Skill: Sweet Song
  • Likes: Music, strategy
  • Dislikes: Boredom