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Channah's mindscape manifests as a pair of islands in a calm ocean, one large and the other quite small, surrounded by a dim sky and vague shapes on the horizon. The island is littered with ruins.


  • Dioh's island: The smaller of the two islands and more resilient to mental trauma. AKA "This Is Fine" Island.
  • Caves: Represents Channah's memories.
  • Cathedral of the Deepest Self: A monument to the twisted sense of importance that she places on her anxiety due to having lived with it for so long.
  • Mourning Sun: A giant red crystal encasing the Cathedral that represents her Mind of Crystal.


  • Ten represents the hopes and dreams of her past and present, as well as her chronological childhood.
  • Fangirl represents her love in general, repressed romantic streak, fannish tendencies, and her desire to be loved.
  • Dioh, or Escapist, represents her escapist fantasies, love for adventure, and creativity.
  • Phoenix represents her anger, competitive spirit, and sense of justice. Atrophied due to depression.
  • Metanoia represents her morality, religious faith, and love for her Pokémon. Atrophied due to depression.
  • Truth represents her self-loathing.
  • Deepest Self represents her anxiety and fear of the world.