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Warning! You have now left the WAAPT Multiverse!

This page deals with an out of universe or otherwise meta aspect of the RP.

This is a catalogue showing the characters and their physical attributes such as height and skin tone.

There are two spreadsheets, one dedicated to height and another for skin/hair/eye color that are divided in PCs, Villains, NPCs and Ancestors in order to avoid causing much confusion. The focus of the sheets is mainly on human characters though Pokémon that spend a lot of time in their Human form can also be included.

Due to the RP constantly getting new characters in, the sheets will be updated from time to time as new introductions are made. Anyone is free to update it as they please.


  • PCs
    • Tallest Male PC: Duke (6'8/2.05m)
    • Tallest Female PC: Red (6'5/1.96m)
    • Shortest Male PC: Lucius (5'1/1.54m)
    • Shortest Female PC: Aline (4'1/1.27m)
    • Most Common Hair Color: Black
    • Most Common Eye Color: Green
    • Least Common Hair Color: Purple
    • Least Common Eye Color: Purple
  • Villains
    • Tallest Male Villain: Leviot (7'/2.18m)
    • Tallest Female Villain: Alys (6'9/2.06m)
    • Shortest Male Villain: Lex (5'3/1.60m)
    • Shortest Female Villain: Mathilde (4'11/1.49m)
  • NPCs
    • Tallest Male NPC: Santiago (6'5/1.96m)
    • Tallest Female NPC: Ellen (5'6/1.68m)
    • Shortest Male NPC: Braden (5'3/1.60m)
    • Shortest Female NPC: Nicole/Echo (5'2/1.57m)
  • Ancestors
    • Tallest Male Ancestor: Ragnar (7'4/2.24m)
    • Tallest Female Ancestor: Aiura (6'3/1.90m)
    • Shortest Male Ancestor: Tsubasa (5'3/1.60m)
    • Shortest Female Ancestor: Izumi (5'5/1.65m)
  • Overall
    • Tallest Male Character: Ragnar (7'4/2.24m)
    • Tallest Female Character: Alys (6'9/2.06m)
    • Shortest Male Character: Lucius (5'1/1.54m)
    • Shortest Female Character: Aline (4'1/1.37m)
    • Average Height for PCs: 5'7/1.69m
    • Average Height for Villains: 5'11/1.80m
    • Average Height for NPCs: 5'6/1.68m
    • Average Height for Ancestors: 5'8/1.73m
    • Average Height for All Characters: 5'8/1.73m