Cyrus Javed

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Name: Cyrus Javed
Nickname/Alias: Cy
Gender: Bigender (AMAB, he/she/they)
Sexuality: Pansexual
Age: 22
Height: 5'10" (178 cm)
Ethnicity: Alternate-world ethnicity, appears primarily white/mixed Arab
Birthday: c. 825 AC (Doskvol), registered as Aug 21, 2000
Attribute: N/A
Trainer ID: Unknown
Home: Doskvol, Imperial Province of Akoros
Pokéform: Hisuian Sneasel
Starter: Ecstatic
Status: Alive

Cyrus Javed is a Faller, and a distant alternate-universe counterpart to Kai Amarin.


Cyrus poses a resemblance to Kai, not necessarily by genetic relation, but in a similar way to an actor cast to play a role in a biopic. They have similar light skin tone and wavy red hair. However, Cyrus's eyes are a redder hue than Kai's amethyst-purple eyes.


On April Fools 2022, numerous alternate counterparts of Kai ("Kai-Alikes") appeared in the OU, including two versions of Cyrus Javed -- one from a world called Syzhin, and another from a city called Doskvol. The Doskvol variant of Cyrus was originally part of a band of thieves, but after one major job, the narrative in their world came to a halt, leaving their life in dull ambiguity. As a result, when they arrived in the OU, they took up the mantle as a criminal imitation of Rogue, alongside Reaver, who changed his own imitation of the Rogue mantle to become Renegade, themed around Giratina. The two attempted to steal the Luminous Crystal and the Princes' Gems from atop Altru Tower, being stopped first by a Kai-Alike superhero known as Eclipse (AKA Kai Halys), and then afterward thwarted by them alongside Kai Amarin, Kalter, Vesha Ry'duok, and the Syzhin variant of Cyrus themself, a roguish champion of their world's goddess of knowledge with a proper resolution to their story.

After the fight atop Altru Tower, Doskvol's Cyrus was arrested, anticipating being returned to their home universe by the end of the day, but ended up staying instead, even after the other Kai-Alikes got sent back to their original worlds. Cyrus was then freed from prison by a Hisuian Voltorb, formed from the hand-crafted antique Poke Ball they attempted to contain the Luminous Crystal with.


Cyrus is, first and foremost, a relentless flirt, believing themself to have incredible charisma (whether true or not). Having gotten an entirely new lease on life and a brand new world to experience, they are exceptionally carefree, and any new experience is a genuine delight to them regardless of how beneficial or detrimental it may be to them or others.

Cyrus does not understand a thing about Pokemon, and is endlessly fascinated by the creatures that they meet.