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DS' mindscape is currently divided into five rooms.

The rooms

DS' mindscape has gone through several changes appearance wise, having once been much larger and confusing in order to keep psychic types and likes from affecting it, but the layout has since changed after DS subconsciously stopped forming a barrier around her mind. Sometimes a concrete block with a Smeragle's tail, AKA The Writers' Block can be observed roaming the mindscape.

Fairy Tale room

One room contains a sunny forest where both Kindness and Inner Child live. Inner Child seems to have a secret base hidden somewhere in the forest where she keeps all her toys.

Library of Knowledge and Memories

This room contains a library with all the knowledge DS has gathered, and is also now where DS' memories can be found. This room is where Curiousity lives. Curiousity also has multiple computers through which she can keep an eye on the other aspects.

The Hall of Fame

The room where Platinum Heroine lives, dedicated to DS' accomplishments.

A room where the sign on the door just reads "I couldn't think of a good name; nothing to see in here!"

The room where the Insecurities/Fear aspect lives. The walls in the room are covered entirely in questions relating to DS' various fears and insecurities. After the events of the Orre arc, the area also is full of plushies of her friends' Pokéforms and the ice sculptures that were once in there have shattered.

The Dark Chamber

The room where DS' Inner Darkness is sealed. The room is kept completely dark most of the time, but when it is lit up, one can see several shadowy figures suffering in various ways, including one resembling Cyrus that has been impaled and pinned to the wall. The walls also has several thoughts about revenge written on them in red.


There are six main aspects in DS' mindscape, representing various parts of her personality.

  • Inner Child/Creativity
    • As the name implies, she represents DS' inner child. She also represents DS' creative side, which she expresses through telling stories via playing with her dolls and Pokémon figurines.
    • Is the youngest appearance-wise of the aspects, most likely based on DS when she was six or seven years old.
    • Isn't wearing glasses, due to being based off DS at an age where she didn't yet need them.
    • Is in a cheerful mood most of the time, and likes to spend most of her time playing.
    • Has since the Orre arc been trying to help maintain DS' sanity via working on the J-Team show reboot.
  • Curiousity
    • Represents DS' curiousity and general desire to learn more.
    • Is in charge of keeping track of the things DS has learned, and sorting DS' ideas.
    • Is also now keeping track of DS' memories.
    • Appearance wise, she seems to be close to DS' actual age. She wears her hair in a ponytail and most of the time seems to dress in dark gray-ish clothes.
    • She doesn't seem to show much emotion, and can come across as somewhat of a know-it-all.
    • Is keeping an eye on the other aspects, and doing her best to keep DS' mindscape, being concerned about it's state after the events of the later arcs.
  • Platinum Heroine
    • Represents DS' courage and desire to help others, but also represents a desire for attention and for her accomplishments to be recognized.
    • For some reason appears to be a few years older than DS, although it's not that noticeable. Her outfit is similar to DS' regular outfit, except she wears a black coat similar to the one Cynthia wears.
    • Loves to fight and loves attention.
    • Is usually the one to fight Inner Darkness, and bring her back to her room.
  • Insecurities/Fear
    • Represents DS' insecurities and fears.
    • Appearance wise, she seems to resemble DS at around age fifteen, and she seems to dress mostly in light gray clothes that may look like they are too big on her.
    • She is constantly feeling scared or worried about something. She has been observed carrying around a Glaceon plushie that she seems to talk to in an attempt to ease her worries.
    • No longer carries around her Glaceon plushie, but still has it, along with several other plushies also based on her friends' Pokéforms.
    • Seems to have become powerful enough to affect other parts of the mindscape other than her own room with her fears.
  • Kindness
    • Represents DS' kindness and love towards her friends.
    • Appears close to DS' actual age, and wears a white sundress and has flowers in her hair.
    • Is quite sweet and kind, and seems to be quite affectionate as she tends to greet her friends by hugging them.
    • Is the only one of the aspects who doesn't seem to dislike or fear DS' Inner Darkness, and even seems to express concern for her at times.
    • Seems to have been rather burned out after the events of the Orre arc, and is now constantly worrying about her friends.
  • Inner Darkness
    • Represents DS' frustration, anger and resentment.
    • Is most of the time sealed in a block of ice within her room, but may break free if DS gets angry enough.
    • Appears to be around the same age as Platinum Heroine, and is currently wearing red clothes and her hair may appear to be somewhat messy.
    • Feels that those who have wronged her should be punished, and likes to imagine ways she could punish them.
    • Whenever she breaks free, she usually ends up in a fight against Platinum Heroine.
    • Dislikes Kindness for being "too forgiving".
    • The only aspect of DS she has nothing against is Inner Child.
    • Seems to respect Tagg, in her own strange way.