Dane and Mary Maxwell

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Dane and Mary Maxwell are the future twins of Jason Maxwell and Belinda Treves. They are currently trapped in the OT due to losing their Time Flute. They come from the same timeline as Phosphora. They fight as a Double Battle Duo.

Appearence and Personality

Dane is a young man with dark grey hair and green eyes. He is usually seen wearing a green hoodie and jeans with white shoes. Occasionally he wears a black vest and undershirt though. As cocky as he is, he's more tactful than his father was.

Mary is a young woman with black hair down to the middle of her back, usually decorated with red barrettes, and green eyes. She has darker skin than her brother. Shy around strangers, she's more bubbly once you get to know her.


  • None in the OT as of yet
  • Dane has a slight crush on Phosphora, very one sided it seems.
  • Mary is friends with Phosphora.

Dane and Mary's Team