Dardanette's Gourgeist

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Dardanette's Gourgeist is super sized and feeds on negative emotions, most notably those that can vaguely be defined as 'suffering'. It doesn't even extend to hurting others however, for this pokemon is not only a sadist but a masochist as well. In her own words, pain reminds her that she is alive. There is nothing she likes better than conflict and she can become 'stir crazy' when forced to be docile. Gourgeist apparently has a thing for hot sauce, both drinking it and forcing other people to drink it. Half the stuff this pokemon does requires censorship because of the sheer shocking cruelty contained within. A psychopath that makes even Dardanette look tame, Gourgeist is the absolute last pokemon you'd want to put your life in the hands in. Her ability is Insomnia.