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Dune's Mindscape is set inside a large military bunker of varying size and décor.


Dune's personality is represented by a variety of "Crew Members" who embody both portions of his knowledge as well as his personality as a whole.

  • The Captain
    • Appears as a taller version of Dune himself, wearing a red striped jacket and pants. Also wears an odd red mask and has blond hair.
    • Acts as the lynchpin of Dune's consciousness, keeping the other aspects in line and coordinated.
    • Was previously known as the Commander before the Criminal attacked.
  • The Scribe
    • Appears as a small-ish man with exceptionally large glasses that always seem to produce a lens flare that obscures his face. Is decked in scribe's robes as described in the tales of the Fellowship of Iron.
    • Is the keeper and organizer of Dune's personal memories. Unless specifically asked, he will usually stay out of most conversations.
  • The Lorekeeper
    • Appears as a flickering green hologram modeled after Dune himself.
    • Working in tandem with the Scribe, the Lorekeeper maintains Dune's knowledge of legends and lore. He also represents his genre savvy, and can make eerily accurate predictions in certain circumstances.
  • The Engineer
    • Appears as an overalls-wearing, grease covered version of Dune. Always wears his goggles.
    • Maintains Dune's faculties and can be found anywhere there is a glitch or break in his thought processes. Rarely gets has input regarding interactions with others, unless he believes it will have a positive or negative effect on Dune as a whole.
    • Represents Dune's technical knowledge.
  • The Strategist
    • Resembles the Captain, only wearing yellow rather than red. Also has Dune's natural hair color and does not wear a mask.
    • The mastermind behind the defeat of the Criminal, the Strategist represents Dune's cunning and wit.
    • He oversees all Pokémon battles.
  • The Doctor
    • Appears as Dune wearing a Lab coat of Medicine and Science.
    • Represents Dune's ethics and morality. Is soft spoken, but not to be crossed.
    • Also contains Dune's medical knowledge.
  • The Pilot
    • Appears as a tall man wearing a military jumpsuit colored black with orange highlights. Always wears a face obscuring helmet.
    • Is the aspect who defends against unwanted mental intrusion of any kind. He takes his job very seriously, and thus believes any mental intrusion - including telepathic communication - is considered unwanted.
    • Also represents Dune's primal desire to live, as well as his anger.
  • The Criminal
    • Broken shards and fragments, occasionally gathered into clouds.
    • Not an aspect per se, but a dweller in Dune's mind nonetheless. Attempted to destroy Dune's mind, but was repulsed and destroyed by the Pilot and the Strategist.
    • Still makes attempts to coalesce, but cannot due to the Pilot's ever present vigil.
  • The Prince
    • Was once the center of Dune's mind, but went MIA after the Criminal's first assault. His whereabouts are unknown.
    • Also used to represent Dune's ability to communicate with others, but has since been replaced by either the Captain or the Doctor, depending on the occasion.
  • The Heroine
    • A recently coalesced construct brought on by Dune's time as a woman. She appears as Sandy, Dune's female persona, dressed as a Sailor Senshi. She has been tasked with Dune's "heart" - as in, romance, as well as his experience as a woman. Right now, she's focused primarily on the former.


  • The Command Center
    • The center of Dune's mind. All of the aspects meet here to discuss events that pertain to Dune as a whole.
    • The Captain makes his home here.
  • The Gate
    • The entrance to the bunker, this door is kept perpetually shut to prevent any trace of the Criminal or any other psychic presence from getting inside.
    • The Pilot can be found here in his weapon, standing vigil.
  • The Storming Wastes
    • The area outside the bunker, most of it is a barren wasteland due to the Criminal's attack. It has yet to begin healing due to the Criminal's shards tearing away at the mindscape constantly.
    • None dare venture into these lands for long.
  • The Welcome House
    • A house in the Storming Wastes where people who enter Dune's mind always seemed to appear. Provides sanctuary from the storm, and has a buzzer that a visitor can push so that they may be escorted to the Gate.