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Emma Hudson is a Pokemon trainer. She is from the Unova region and is the older sibling of Joseph.


Similar to Joseph, Emma was raised in Striation City. She didn't express an interest in Pokemon until Joseph received an Oshawott from a regional professor. Though Joseph was supposed to start his Pokemon journey, he decided to postpone the trip, as he had started to help out at a nearby daycare. The Oshawott (who was named Shinobu) was often left in the house with an eleven-year-old Emma. Emma took it upon herself to play with Shinobu; as a result, the two of them grew close. When Emma was fourteen, she (with permission from Joseph) became Shinobu's official trainer. The two of them started their Pokemon journey a few weeks later.

Emma battled a couple of gyms before deciding that competive battling wasn't for her. However, she decided to continue traveling with her team. She made money by battling random trainers and selling various items that she found.

Emma joined the J-Team in Humilau City, primarily because Joseph was part of it. Her goals have not changed much, as she is content with bonding with her Pokemon and traveling.

Emma's Team
On Hand : Shinobu503Mini.pngWario555Mini.pngAlice553Mini.pngEli623Mini.pngJuno587Mini.pngMarie130Mini.pngRobin661Mini.pngLiberace406Mini.pngCarrie280Mini.png
As last seen in: Kalos