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Ever's mindscape takes the form of the interior of a small, tastefully-blue building. It comes in three levels.

Ground Floor

Where guests enter the mindscape, the Ground Floor consists of three paths.

Left Path:

This path is carefully boarded up, and leads to a tunnel with a white light at the end. No matter how fast or cleverly someone moves, they will never get any closer to the light.

The reason for that is that this light leads past the fourth wall.

Right Path:

The right path leads into a room containing a number of holes and an equal number of Dunsparce. When agitated, the Dunsparce will cling together into a humanoid figure, representing Ever's uncontrolled emotions. The Dunsparce figure constantly spouts every possible avenue that Ever could take, though rarely acts on its whims.

Middle Path:

This path leads to an Ever with glasses who sits at a desk, writing down everything. He represents Ever's memories and self-control, and professes to express every positive quality a human could ever have. Unfortunately, they blend awkwardly.

This aspect's room contains a trapdoor and a ladder, leading up to the Parliament and down to the Basement.


In this absurdly spacious room, thousands of Evers, each with their own agenda, work at all times to determine the real Ever's course of action. The Parliament is headed by someone who more or less represents Ever as he is in the real world.


Underneath the trap door, Ever keeps his less pleasant aspects. Fears, paranoia, nightmares, if it's unpleasant, it's probably in here.

Some Aspects Include...

  • Lelunnin: What used to be a Dragonite with a strange eye has mutated, growing Latios wings and shrouding itself in darkness. It represents Ever's fears of being unable to help the group, and of inadequacy in general.
  • Belily: A teenage or so girl with her appearance divided neatly down the middle. The left half is all yellow, the right half resembles Lily. Represents Ever's insecurities regarding Mezzo.
  • Ariados: An Ariados. Represents Ever's fear of Ariados. Really.
  • Tiara!Ever: Ever, dressed in a Cipher uniform, with the mind-control tiara on his head. Represents both Ever's bitterness for nobody trying to save him from Cipher, and his fear that at some level he's still evil.