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"- The Solosis nods -"

Gender: Male

Nature: Quiet

Ability: Overcoat

Obtained: Castelia Pokemon Shelter

Ball: Cherish Ball

Name Basis: From the Greek for "a language".

A Solosis owned by Pi. He is his second walking Pokemon, and the reason he can understand Pokemon.

Pi's Team
On Hand : Jack 609Mini.pngHellfire 257Mini.pngLern 635Mini.pngKaminari 595Mini.pngγλῶσσα 577Mini.pngThe Onion-Queen 548Mini.pngBarsamin 628Mini.png9 601Mini.pngWhitebeard 340Mini.pngJoan 447Mini.pngGnowee 637Mini.pngAnhur 214Mini.pngKu 207Mini.pngMastio 473Mini.pngHonos 502Mini.pngSpeedy 253Mini.pngDorfl 623Mini.png
Boxed : none
Other : Obitus 479Mini.png
Retired : Zapata 593mMini.png
As last seen in: Holon