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Herbert's mindscape is set in a modified version of his childhood home, Eterna City.


Herbert's personality aspects are modeled after different colours of the Auric spectrum.

  • Red!Herbert
    • Appears as a taller and physically fitter version of Herbert, wearing a red sleeveless vest.
    • Represents Herbert's arrogance, competitiveness, determination, and impulsiveness.
    • Acts as the Id in a Freudian trio with Blue!Herbert and Yellow!Herbert.
    • Alongside Yellow!Herbert, is one of Herbert's two aspects that can use Aura, though he is the less proficient of the two.
  • Blue!Herbert
    • Appears as Herbert wearing a blue sweater vest and glasses. Has been seen wearing a Spock cosplay on occasion.
    • Represents Herbert's reason, intellect, and paranoia.
    • Acts as the Superego in a Freudian trio with Red!Herbert and Yellow!Herbert.
  • Yellow!Herbert
    • Appears as Herbert wearing Lucanus' golden plate armour, armed with his Aura sword.
    • Represents Herbert's morality, bravery, and loyalty to his friends.
    • Acts as the Ego in a Freudian trio with Red!Herbert and Blue!Herbert.
    • Alongside Red!Herbert, is one of Herbert's two aspects that can use Aura, and is the more proficient of the two.
  • Green!Herbert
    • Appears as a four-year-old version of Herbert, wearing a comically oversized green sweater.
    • Represents Herbert's innocence, curiosity and friendliness.
    • Acts as the Nature to Grey!Herbert's Nurture.
  • Grey!Herbert
    • Appears as an eleven-year-old version of Herbert, wearing a grey spacesuit.
    • Represents Herbert's bigotry, stubbornness, and general assholishness.
    • Acts as the Nurture to Green!Herbert's Nature.
  • Purple!Herbert
    • Appears as Herbert wearing a vivid purple tuxedo.
    • Represents Herbert's wild romantic interest in... pretty much anything he lays eyes on, actually.
    • Hit it off with Joseph's own representation of romance, Roserade!Joseph.
  • ??? / Asshole Question Marks / The Aspect / Hebert
    • Always appears cloaked in shadow, keeping his true appearance hidden.
    • Seems to represent Herbert's self-loathing and inner dark side, though he appears to have an agenda of his own.
    • Appears to have the ability to use Obscura as opposed to Aura.


Though Herbert's mindscape is based off of Eterna City, the nature of mindscapes means that some locations have been added or changed. The weather changes depending on Herbert's current mood, and when he is feeling at his worst Dusknoir stalk the streets and force the aspects inside.

  • The Dojo
    • A large, mostly empty hall which acts as a meeting place for the aspects and a martial arts training area. There is a punching bag in the corner with a picture of whoever Herbert happens to be feeling particularly antagonistic towards at the time stuck to it.
    • Red!Herbert can usually be found training here.
  • The Library
    • A cramped, dusty old library packed pull of books. Stores most of Herbert's memories, with the exception of repressed memories, which are stored in the Manor.
    • Blue!Herbert can usually be found studying here.
  • The Statues
    • A small hill on top of which are the twin statues of Dialga and Palkia.
    • Yellow!Herbert can usually be found meditating here.
  • The Manor
    • An abandoned and overgrown version of Herbert's childhood home, Cain Manor. Usually kept locked and boarded up.
    • The Asshole Question Marks are usually locked away inside here.