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Jordan is a Trainer who joined the group temporarily during the Gold Conference. Played by troper Gear Leader. Jordan's team got involved in some antics, in particular in taking down a Gyarados swarming and in hunting and apprehending a thief Sneasel. Eventually Jordan met Ho-Oh when the godly bird went to visit Luke and other members of the group, catching up in the events of the Conference. Also some of Jordan's mons met Silent's and Every's teams.

While wandering around and getting to know other characters, Jordan's starter, Blaze, fathers a new Pokémon called Flame.

Jordan disappears (player retires) during the latest rounds of the Gold Conference.

Jordan's Team
On Hand: Blaze157Mini.pngNido034Mini.pngVapor134Mini.pngAmp?Mini.pngTogi468Mini.pngQuag195Mini.png
As last seen in: Gold Conference