Lucy Cain

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General Info

Full Name: Lucille Cain (Formerly Lucas Cain)

Species: Froslass (Formerly Human)

Gender: Female, though she was DMAB in her previous incarnation as a human.

Age: Roughly 600 Years

Birthday: March 21st

Nature: Quirky

Ability: Cursed Body

Born: A nameless Sinn village

Trainer: Teresa


As a Pokemon, Lucy is a normal Froslass, indistinguishable from any other.

As a human, Lucy dresses similar to her Froslass form, with a few tweaks to distinguish herself as ex-royalty. For example, she wears a diadem shaped like the ice crystals Froslass grow from their heads, reminiscent of the ancient treasure of Illusio.


Lucy was born as Lucas Cain, the oldest of three children to Aiura and Lucanus Cain. Her younger siblings, Elspeth and Liliana Cain, are the ancestors of Psyche and her extended family, and Trip and his extended family respectively.

As a child, Lucas was very precocious, becoming proficient with Psychic and Auric abilities inherited from his mother and father. At a very early age, Lucas realized that he was trans (though of course, there wasn't a word for it yet) and moved out from her parents house as soon as possible. While working for money to embark on a journey to a faraway land, she stumbled upon a blacksmith who needed an apprentice. This blacksmith was ostracized by his clan for embracing very eccentric methods of creating things, and saw potential in the young lady. Under his tutelage, Lucy became fascinated with mechanics, chemistry, and new ways of creating electricity without Pokemon.

She continued her journey, stumbling into a small convent of silent nuns worshiping Meloetta. She attempted to blend in with the worshippers, but upon being found out as biologically male, she was cast out. A single nun, Delilah who had taken a liking to Lucy followed her out of the convent, and soon became her life partner.

Eventually, she returned to her hometown to find that her sisters had both married and had children. Elspeth unfortunately was unable to take care of her first child, Lola, due to the child's incredible psychic powers (powers that were to later rival Aiura's), so Lucy and Delilah adopted the child.

Several years later, after Lola had left for her own journey, Lucy found a strange armband. She took it back to her home to analyze it. She became obsessed with the artifact, desperate to discover its secrets, ignoring her partner's declining health in the process. Delilah died while Lucy was still trying to come to a breakthrough on the artifact, which led to Lucy's fervored attempts to unlock the secrets, desperately hoping to not let Delilah's death be in vain.

One day, she succeeds in making a breakthrough. Through a series of events unknown even to her, the artifact glows and explodes, tearing their house to shreds and leaving a small, female Snorunt in the wreckage.

Lucy traveled across the lands, searching far and wide. Her Pokemon form to understand. The power that's inside.

She came across a Dawn Stone, and upon evolving, began looking for a new home. She found it in Ravnica. She began working under the Izzet Guildleader Niv-Mizzet for a few centuries, before leaving after the Decamillenial Debacle.

She wandered some more before eventually being captured in the Orran Desert by Teresa.


Has a late partner named Delilah.

Is Herbert, Psyche, and Titan's ancestor once removed.

Considers Celeste to be like a younger sister.

Known Techniques

  • TypeFire.gif Ember
  • TypeElectric.gif Spark, Thunderbolt
  • TypeIce.gif Icy Wind, Hail, Blizzard, Powder Snow, Frost Breath
  • TypeNormal.gif Double Team, Captivate, Attract
  • TypePsychic.gif Psychic, Agility
  • TypeGhost.gif Ominous Wind, Destiny Bond, Shadow Ball, Confuse Ray, Astonish