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Mezzo's mindscape is set in a dark city illuminated by moonlight. It closely resembles The World That Never Was from the Empire Souls series. Some sort of music is always playing inside, usually relating to the setting.


  • Archivist!Mezzo
    • Looks like Mezzo wearing a graduation cap.
    • This aspect keeps Mezzo's memories organized and is responsible for playing the music that runs through her head. In particular, she has a door covered in locks and chains behind which the memories of Mezzo's AU self are stored.
  • Nice!Mezzo
    • Looks like Mezzo wearing a flower in her hair.
    • Represents Mezzo's nicer side.
  • Purrloin!Felis
    • As the name suggests, looks like Felis as a Purrloin. Usually carried by Nice!Mezzo.
    • Represents Mezzo's cruel and violent side. Has nothing to do with the real Felis.
  • SweetTooth!Mezzo
    • Looks like an overweight Mezzo with a lollipop in her mouth.
    • Represents Mezzo's love of sweet food.

The Shipping War

These four aspects are continually fighting a battle with boats on a lake inside Mezzo's mindscape. Ever Fangirl Mezzo always wins.

  • Ever Fangirl Mezzo
    • Looks like Mezzo wearing Ever's blue coat.
    • Represents Mezzo's feelings for Ever.
  • Grimsley Fangirl Mezzo
    • Looks like Mezzo wearing a long yellow scarf.
    • Represents Mezzo's crush on Grimsley.
  • Pentigan Fangirl Mezzo
    • Looks like Mezzo wearing a wide-brimmed hat.
    • Represents the brief crush Mezzo had on Pentigan when he was turned female.
    • By far the weakest of these aspects, she usually gets blown out of the water as soon as the others see her.
  • Lily Fangirl Mezzo
    • Looks like Mezzo with red hair.
    • Represents Mezzo's feelings for Lily.
    • Once thought to be gone, this aspect recently resurfaced as Mezzo discovered that Lily may be trying to hide feelings for her.
  • Exgal
    • Looks like a Nihilego. Emerges from the water rather than riding a boat.
    • Represents Mezzo's corruption by ☣♪☼•é.
    • When it first appeared, was gigantic and powerful enough to overwhelm the other aspects by itself. It is now much weaker due to Mezzo recovering from the Nihilego's poison.