Mon Census 2014

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The Census Spreadsheets are currently locked for analysis.

A census of the Pokémon we have in the RP as of the end of January 2015.

Announced in Discussion: (link here). Each player will be asked to list the mons they play that they want to account for in the census.

Partial tallies are compiled via a online spreadsheet:

  • Don't add characters that are not your own, to avoid confusions.
  • Count a mon in if any of the following applies:
    • It appears in an average or more than average percentage of your posts.
    • It is/was integral to any arc, plot, or subplot since your entry into the RP.
    • It is planned to be or is currently part of some sort of event/appearance in the RP.
    • It is important enough to your character that it warrants notice and representation of the species as a whole.

Final tally will be compiled here and categorized by species and morph.

OU data

  • Pokémon Evolutionary Families with no entries: Here
  • Pokémon with no entries (Not within Families listed above): Here
  • Most Popular Pokémon Evolutionary Family: Eevee: 53
  • Most Popular Pokémon Evolutionary Family (Besides Eevee): Ralts: 17
  • Most Popular Single-line Pokémon Evolutionary Family: Sneasel: 14
  • Most Popular Pokémon: Lucario & Sylveon: 12
  • Most Popular Starter Evolutionary Family: Fennekin: 10
  • Most Popular Non-Evolving Pokémon Evolutionary Family: Mawile & Absol: 5
  • Most Popular Starter: Greninja: 8
  • Most Popular Eeevulution: Sylveon: 12
  • Most Popular Pseudo-Legendary: Deino: 8
  • PC's Pokémon with the longest name: Major Major Major Major: 23 characters

Under the assumption that all Pokémon were acquired in their most basic forms and evolved through their in-game methods, the requirements to achieve a duplicate of all counted Pokémon within the RP (not taking Shiny-ness into consideration) are: