Mon Census 2016

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The Census Spreadsheets are currently locked for analysis.

A census of the Pokémon we have in the RP as of March 26th, 2017.

Announced in Discussion: (link here). Each player will be asked to list the mons they play that they want to account for in the census.

Partial tallies are compiled via a online spreadsheet:

  • Don't add characters that are not your own, to avoid confusions.
  • Count mons for whom any of the following applies:
    • They appear in an average or more than average percentage of your posts.
    • They are/were integral to any arc, plot, or subplot since your entry into the RP.
    • They are planned to be or are currently part of some sort of event/appearance in the RP.
    • They are important enough to your character that they warrant notice and representation of the species as a whole.

(For the most part, any PC owned mon would likely count toward one of these, these criteria are more to say 'don't add every NPC you've ever played' than anything)

Final tally will be compiled here and categorized by species and morph. Pokemon Lines that are Predominantly Male or Female are only counted if a species has at least two representatives whose gender is noted in the census.

OU data

  • Pokémon Evolutionary Families with no entries: Here
  • Pokémon Evolutionary Families that are mostly Male: Here
  • Pokémon Evolutionary Families that are mostly Female: Here
  • Most Popular Pokémon Evolutionary Family: Eevee: 34
  • Most Popular Pokémon Evolutionary Family (Besides Eevee): Ralts: 18
  • Most Popular Single-line Pokémon Evolutionary Family: Sneasel: 11
  • Most Popular Pokémon: Gardevoir: 12
  • Most Popular Starter Evolutionary Family: Charmander: 6
  • Most Popular Non-Evolving Pokémon Evolutionary Family: Ditto, Latias, Oricorio, Mimikyu: 5
  • Most Popular Eeevulution: Umbreon & Sylveon: 6
  • Most Popular Pseudo-Legendary: Deino: 6
  • Pokémon with the longest name: Odd Zeddie Casanova: 17 characters