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Neodymium, also known as Freshman #60 and colloquially as Neo, is a member of the School's Freshman class.


Neodymium looks about 14. She's tall for her age at 5'6, has light brown skin and a round face, the typical bright purple eyes of School members, and oddly colored hair in alternating waves of teal and purple.


A recent development in the School's forays into psychic enhancement. Theoretically has a higher purpose, but she hasn't found it yet.

Sequel to Praseodymium. Next iteration is in the works, as she isn't expected to pass her exams.


Neodymium is more cheerful than could maybe be expected of her. She's comfortably conditioned to her lot in life and is doing her best to live it to the fullest.

Very fond of Molybdenum, and views her as somewhat of a big sister figure.

Neodymium gets along surprisingly well with Bela. Despite the theoretical antipathy between them, Neodymium views her as a slightly standoffish friend at worst.