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Neulpaf-rah is the Nidorina leader of the PMD-B Owla in the Golden Forests by the time of Nixfest 26xx. A specimen of about 5 years of age, she organizes the protection of the borders of the Golden Forest, and has issued a command where foreign mons are required to carry a [pass] while they are inside the forest grounds in order to walk freely, as a security measure. As a token of her position she wears a necklace and shoulderpad made from a Garchomp's fins; the origin of this trinket is unknown as of PMD-B Arc but is assumed to be more or less recent.

Her NPC handler is VeniaSilente.

At the Nixfest 26xx event taking place during the PMD-B arc, Neulpaf-rah is introduced as she delivers the annual report on the forest safety to then current Ho-Oh, Nix.

She is mated to an unnamed Nidorino three years of age.