Okamiquest Enemies

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A list of enemies faced by Ammy's group during the Conquest arc, humans and Pokémon mutated by the Demon Mutagen.

Mutated Humans

  • Imps
  • Namehage

Mutated Pokémon

Chimera Family

  • Bud Ogre: Bulbasaur
  • Chimera: Infernape head and legs/Bronzong body/Ekans tail
  • Igloo Turtle: Snorunt

Flying Demons

  • Crow Tengu: Honchkrow
  • Dead Fish: Seaking

Wheeled Destruction and Doom Mirrors

  • Poltergeist: Trio of Sneasel
  • Fire Doom Mirror: Flaming Bronzor
  • Thunder Doom Mirror: Electrified Bronzor

Greater Goblins

  • Great Tengu: Sigilyph

Bovine Demons

  • Red & Blue Ogre: Bouffalant


  • Tube Fox: Fennekin


  • Dogu: Claydol

Clay Army

  • Clay Soldier: Golett
  • Clay Drummer: Golett
  • Clay Samurai: Golett
  • Clay Flyer: Golett
  • Clay Shogun: Claydol


  • Blocking Spider: Spinarak
  • Platform Spider: Spinarak