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During the Draconic Uprising, the PEFE HQ sustained heavy damage from the Draconic Invaders, who frequently raided it in an attempt to prevent any method or reversing the effect of their mass-monfication devices. Despite their best efforts, the dragons succeeded, damaging the structure so badly that the self-repair systems couldn't cope with the damage, leaving the building a wreck, and preventing any chance of saving humanity.

Before it could be completely destroyed, however, the Dragons were overthrown, freeing the world from their tyrannical grip.

Unable to repair any of the damage, and with the island's population having grown after taking in refugees from the Sinnoh Marowak tribe (Who had been forced back from Sinnoh through a collapsed Space Tunnel, as well as a raft of traumatized dragons who had been exiled after a bloody massacre at the Dragons Den in Johto, the Pokémon decided to make the best of the situation, and turn the ruined lab into a comfortable home for all of them.

In the several hundred years spanning the Draconic Uprising to the PMD-B half of the PMD-R arc, several communities of Pokémon had made their homes amoungst and around the wreckage. Most of these were explored by Tracer, his Pokémon and others during the events of the PMD-R arc, as they tried to piece together what had happened, and how they could prevent it.

Major Settlements

Iron Town

A town built out of re-purposed modules hanging from what's left of the roof of the dome. It is mostly populated by descendants of the refugees from the Sinnoh Cubone Tribe, who's tribal ways, such as "Trial By Bonemerang", still see regular practice.

The town is named after the Iron Femur wielded by a respected elder of the Sinnoh Marowak Tribe, who had assisted in fighting against the dragons during the great uprising. Although she had hung up her prized Hydreigon Femur in shame of not being able to prevent the dragons from driving them away from her homeland, she had kept her Iron Bone, which the town was named after in her honor.


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Sauna Hold

A town housing most of the dragon population.


A settlement founded by Lanius and populated mostly with pinniped and mustelid Pokémon. Its founder was Lanius, and the settlement boasts a proud history of warrior poets and mock battles. Also, the local mons tend to trend much larger than average, with a few being even bigger than Lanius.

Spice Solarium

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Dynamo Station

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Klein Cove

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