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Species: Druddigon

Gender: Male

Nature: Adamant

Ability: Rough Skin

Obtained: Approached Robin in Mauville City after traveling from Meteor Falls

Ball: ???

Name Basis: A terraforming robot from the webcomic Freefall.

General Description:


Bio: -pending-

Known Moves:



  • Sawtooth is unusually large for his species, hence his tendency to deal with those that annoy him by crushing them.
  • Sawtooth is secretly paranoid most humans view Pokemon as mindless beasts; part of his desire to be a detective is to prove them wrong.
Robin's Team
On Hand : Sam715Mini.pngHelix373Mini.pngFlorence445Mini.pngQwerty706Mini.pngSawtooth621Mini.pngBeekay697Mini.png*Dvorak254Mini.pngMayor334Mini.pngWinston181Mini.png
As last seen in: Hoenn-2