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ShadowClan is one of the four Warrior Clans of Holon.


ShadowClan, based in the area between Holon City and Ergon Field, is known for its members' fierceness and cleverness in battle. ShadowClan tends to push the Warrior Code to its boundaries - and sometimes even past them.


ShadowClan is mainly made up of Dark and Ghost-type cats, with Poison being another common type.

Stat-wise, ShadowClan cats tend to be very offensive, but with frail defenses and low HP.


  • Sandstar - Persian♀ TypeDark.gifTypeNormal.gif
    • Apprentice Unknown


  • Unknown

Medicine Mon:

Warriors and Apprentices:

  • Jetpelt - Persian♂ TypeDark.gifTypePoison.gif
    • Apprentice Unknown
  • Widefoot - Liepard♂ TypeDark.gif
    • Apprentice Murkrowpaw (formerly Darek) - Sneasel♂ TypeDark.gifTypeIce.gif
  • Adderthorn - Absol♀ TypeDark.gifTypePoison.gif
    • Apprentice Swellowpaw - Glameow♀ TypeDark.gif

Queens and Kits:

  • None known


  • None known
Leader : Unknown
Deputy : Unknown
Medicine Mon : Snowpelt
Warriors: JetpeltWidefoot
Apprentices: None known
Queens : None known
Kits : None known
Elders : None known