Super Nerd's Hoodie

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Super Nerd's Hoodie

This is Super Nerd's most prized possession, being not just a jacket, but an entire computer system to take with him on the go. He had made it himself at the age of fourteen, and what is the biggest offender in making him a cybernetic shut-in.

After many years of use, however, Super Nerd has ceased his use of the hoodie, though most of his clothing and accessories he does wear follow the same function.


From the outside, it seems to be a regular purple and black striped hoodie, albeit a bit too over sized for Super Nerd himself. In truth, it is a normal hoodie, but is laced with thread like wires to allow it computing abilities. There seems to be a few buttons on the inside of the sleeve, and a screen is fused to the inside of the hood itself, whch explains why Super Nerd's eyes are always covered by it.


Though not entirely known, the abilities it has shown so far are, but not limited too:

-Normal internet connection, surfing, and downloading.

-A built in pokedex.

-An X-transceiver, though the other party is unable to see Super Nerd's face.

-Ability to sense other trainers, if for no other reason then to avoid them.

-Storage for Byte, Super Nerd's hacked porygon, as well as the ability to send her too and from her pokeball to his computer.