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Tagg's Mindscape is built around a number of parts.


The Tree

This section is a large tree based on one that Tagg successfully climbed when he was 10. Child!Tagg is often found here.

Dive to the Heart

This section looks akin to the Station of Awakening from Kingdom Hearts, and was the first area of Tagg's mindscape to make an appearance. One platform has a stained glass portrait of Tagg and all his friends bordered by Silver Wings, Blue Orbs, and Adamant Orbs. Pre-Mindscape miniarc, the grass was cracked, but afterwards it was restored. Another platform depicts the founding of PEFE. It serves as a crossroads leading to different sections of Tagg's mindscape.

The Library

This section is a library filled with floating books moving from shelf to shelf, some holding memories, and the home of the Curator. It directly leads to the Hall of Memories.

The Memory Room

The first section of this room looks akin to the Black Room from Assassin's Creed: Revelations, but it eventually turns into a number of halls leading to the door where Nihilist!Tagg is sealed. Colored memories can be directly accessed, but black and white memories can only be observed. This area serves as a timeline from Tagg's birth to the present day.


Tagg's mindscape is made up of various aspects representing different facets of his personality.

Regular Aspects

  • Idealist!Tagg
    • Appears as Tagg does now.
    • Represents Tagg's idealist side.
    • Is the weaker of the duo with Cynical!Tagg.
  • Cynical!Tagg
    • Appears much the same as Idealist!Tagg.
    • Represents Tagg's cynical side and pragmaticism, and is the stronger of the duo, having the most influence upon Tagg.
    • Is kind of a jerk, but has a heart (Not Heart) of gold deep down.
    • Has a soft spot for DS' aspect Kindness. (Not that he'd ever admit it.)
  • Curator
    • Represents Tagg's thirst for knowledge.
    • Takes the appearance of Tagg somewhere in his mid to late 20s.
    • Is the most logical of the aspects.
  • Child!Tagg
    • Represents Tagg's inner child and his innocence.
    • Appears much like Tagg did when he was six.
    • Is the only aspect that goes by Richard.
    • Often has a Bulbasaur on his head.
  • Base!Morphs
    • Appear as Tagg's mons in their base morphs.
    • Represent Tagg's feelings of platonic love towards his mons.
  • Tagg Prime
    • Is basically Tagg as we know him.
  • Silver!Tagg
    • An aspect brought on by all the other aspects combining with Tagg Prime in order to take on Nihilist!Tagg and Noir.
    • Has godlike powers within Tagg's mindscape.
    • Has a silver glow due to Tagg's Soul of Silver.


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