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Template Usage Information

Start and end the mon information block with the /Begin and /End subtemplates. Then fill in the fields that you want (some of them can take default values). If you want to add custom fields add them with the /Field subtemplate. If you want to add a quote for your character add it with the /Quote subtemplate.

Example usage is as follows.

{{MonInfo|Nick|Species|gender=Female|nature=Adorable|age=1 yr|ball=Poké Ball|obtained=Egg|tc=¿?}}
{{MonInfo/Field|Favourite Food|[nuts]!}}
{{MonInfo/Quote|"Silly Pidgeys!"}}

Important fields:

  • The first field is the nickname, not actually used ATM.
  • The second field is the species or morph, not important ATM but might be used later for sprite or categorization.
  • gender: Has to begin with uppercase (Male, Female, Genderless). This field must be specified.
  • age is the current age of the Pokémon. If don't want to set, mark it as empty (|age=|).
  • birthdate is the date of birth of the Pokémon, if known.
  • ball is the type of Pokéball of the Pokémon; it defaults to "Poké?". Might be used to eventually add icon later.
  • Use the obtained field to briefly describe how the Pokémon was obtained; defaults to "see page" in case you'd rather describe it in the page itself.
  • tc is the Training Classification of the Pokémon. ; defaults to display a question mark.
  • You can set the color of the table border with border_color; defaults to gray.