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Thyme is a wild Delta Seperior with a Grass/Steel typing. She presumably hails from the Holon region, where she was mutated by the Delta Radio waves to gain her abnormal typing. Little is known about her early life, except that she was ridiculed by other Pokémon because of her mutation.

At some point, Thyme was approached by a Delta Charizard named Ferno, who offered her a position in his group of Delta Pokemon who were campaigning for better treatment. Although it was a noble goal, Thyme was rather off-put by their plans to gain equality: kidnapping Lugia's son, Pleo, and holding him hostage in order to blackmail his father into forcing others to treat Deltas better.

Although initially unsure she wanted to do such awful things, Ferno eventually persuaded her to sign onto his team, the Seperior eventually managing to convince herself that they were doing this for the greater good. After all, no Pokémon deserved to be treated the way she had by others.

Soon afterwards, Thyme met a fellow Delta, a Feraligatr named Tempest, who had also been badly treated due to his mutation. The two became fast friends, soon getting to the point where they began to do everything that they could together. Secretly, Thyme began to develop feelings for him, but she couldn't find the courage to tell him how she felt.

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Battle Style

Known Moves

  • TypeGrass.gif Leaf Blade, Leaf Storm
  • TypeSteel.gif Iron Defense, Iron Tail, Flash Cannon
  • TypeNormal.gif Attract