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Tempest is a wild Delta Feraligatr with a Water/Electric typing. It is unknown where he hails from, but it has been established that he is Lake's cousin, making him a member of his extended family.

For the first few years of Tempest's life, he showed no signs of being a Delta Pokémon, and thus was given away as a starter to an unknown female trainer from Johto. Tempest formed a very close bond with her and the rest of her team as they journeyed around the Johto region. However, that all changed soon after Tempest evolved into a Feraligatr, when he found to his shock (no pun intended), that he could use Electric type moves!

Initially overjoyed at the revelation, Tempest eagerly made use of his newfound abilities to thrash the opposition at the Violet City Gym. However, the day afterwards, Tempest's trainer was approached by a league official, who gave her a warning that unregistered Delta Pokémon were not allowed to be used in official matches.

Worried that their trainer was going to be stripped of their license due to Tempest's folly, the rest of the team turned on him, scaring him so badly that, in a panic, he left the following night, taking his Pokéball with him as he fled into the wilderness.

Saddened that he may have inadvertently ruined his trainer's life, Tempest wandered the land alone until he one day came across a smooth-talking Charizard by the name of Ferno, who - like him - was a Delta Pokémon. He told Tempest that he was attempting to make life better for Delta Pokémon everywhere, and offered him a position on his team. Willing to do anything to make it so he could be with his trainer again, Tempest eagerly accepted.

Soon after joining, Tempest met a fellow Delta, a female Seperior called Thyme. Like himself, she had also suffered due to her mutation, and the two quickly developed a close bond. Secretly, Tempest began to develop feelings for her, but he couldn't find the courage to admit it to her.

When Ferno began to get their plans underway, Tempest was chosen to kidnap their target: a baby Lugia called Pleo. Making his way to the outskirts of the Coral Reef where Pleo made his home, he waited until he was taken out for a swim with his royal escort, before commencing his attack, easily managing to K.O or otherwise incapacitate all of the Pokémon in Pleo's envoy, all of them easily falling to his electric type attacks.

In the confusion, Pleo managed to slip away, but Tempest gave chase, tracking him to the nearby Tarroco Island. Initially losing the legendary Pokémon, Tempest began to track him across the island, initially running into a strange trainer that could understand his speech, before finally tracking down Pleo, who had been found by another trainer and his Pokémon, one of them being a Feraligatr that bore resemblance to his family members.

Dismissing it for the time being, Tempest attempted to take Pleo peacefully. Obviously, this was met with failure, and he engaged them in battle, but was only able to K.O the team's idiot of a Gallade before being felled by their overwhelming power.

When he came too, the trainer and his Pokémon, along with Pleo, had long since fled. His mission a faliure, Tempest returned to their base on a nearby deserted island for a debriefing with Ferno.

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Battle Style

Tempest fights like most other Feraligatr, making use of his powerful jaws and water type moves to deal tremendous physical damage. However, thanks to his Delta mutation, his unusual electric typing allows him use powerful electrical attacks such as Wild Charge and Thunderbolt. Tempest takes advantage of his type combination to pull of a particularly devastating technique known as "Thunder-Surf", in which he charges a Surf attack with Thunder Wave before launching it at it's foes, the electrified water paralyzing any Pokémon caught in the wave.

Known Moves

  • TypeWater.gif Aqua Tail, Hydro Pump, Surf, Waterfall, Water Gun
  • TypeElectric.gif Thunderbolt, Thunderpunch, Thunder Wave, Wild Charge
  • TypeDark.gif Crunch


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