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Headcanon from Luke924's interpretation of the Pokémon Franchise.

Legendary Pokémon

  • Arceus is the all powerful, omnipotent and benevolent creator of the Pokémon universe. Comparing even the most powerful being in the universe to him would be the equivalent of comparing a light bulb to a star. But despite this, Arceus has a very loving personality and would never look down on another living being, considering pretty much every living thing in the universe to be his "children."
  • Most of the legendaries do not have a set gender. But to you, a legendary will be whatever gender you perceive them to be. For example, one person my perceive Lugia to have a feminine voice, while another may perceive it to have a masculine voice. As such, referring to Lugia as either a "He" or a "She" is equally valid.
  • While all legendaries are functionally immortal, they all "die" eventually. Long prior to that, though, they give "Birth" to a child that upon becoming fully grown (A process that takes several hundred years), will step up and take their place. Several "Deaths" later, the original will be reborn to restart the cycle. In this sense, the current Lugia is both Pleo's Father, and his distant descendant.

Pokémon Biology

  • Monese, as a language, is taught at an early age in most humans schools, but it is typically unnecessary as it can easily be picked up just by spending long periods of time with your Pokémon. Not understanding Monese is the equivalent to illiteracy: you can survive without it, but you won't have an easy time.
  • A Pokémon's appearance can vary depending on many factors, the biggest being the local habitat. As an example, a Pidgey caught in the Kanto region would have a slightly different appearance than one caught in the Johto region.
  • Delta Pokémon are rare in anywhere that isn't the Holon region, but they do pop up from time to time. In general their physical appearances vary greatly from their more mudane counterparts to match their new types (For example, Igneous - A Fire/Steel Tyranitar - Has Red metallic scales and flame jets on his back). Training Delta Pokémon is legal, but it requires a license from your local Pokémon league, and any Deltas in your possession must be registered in order to be tournament legal.
  • Even though all moves have consistent effects throughout all Pokémon, the way the move is preformed, as well as it's appearance, varies between different Pokémon. An example of the latter being things like one Ampharos' electrical attacks producing blue electricity while another's may produce yellow electricity instead.
  • There are many many many more moves and abilities than the ones seen in the main games. It isn't uncommon for most Pokémon to develop one or two of their own moves to use in battle, or simply for other applications such as helping their trainer around the house.