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Since HC docs have gotten in vogue, I figured, why not? My HC is part original stuff, stuff picked up from fanfics/other people, PEFE, and WAAPT.


  • Legendaries have tiers of power ranging from "merely" powerful spirit to "powers that be". The creation trio would be the latter, with the weather trio being the next level down. The tao trio would actually be equal to if not higher than the creation trio due to being representations of abstract concepts, with the original dragon being on par with Arceus in terms of power.
  • Most legendaries don't really think of themselves in terms of gender, though they may describe themselves as male or female to better communicate with mortals.
  • Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina take the forms they do as an avatar for communication with mortals. Being the embodiments of time, space and antimatter, to gaze upon their true forms would drive you completely insane. Ex. Dialga is not the Pokémon of time so much as he is time.
  • The creation trio is not limited to linear spacetime, to them all time is occurring at once.
  • Most legendaries are unique, with exceptions such as Mew, Shaymin, Manaphy, Regis, Eons, etc. Celebi is a weird case due to its time travelling abilities, so it is ambiguous as to whether there are many Celebi, or just one being viewed at different portions of its timeline.
  • The Sinjoh event did happen, and the secondary creation trio may eventually end up becoming part of their progenitor's Godhead.
  • Groudon/Kyogre's Drought/Drizzle are abilities of not only regional but world changing power, and if the R/S/E protagonist had failed, the Pokeworld would've become a desert/waterworld. For the former, think Drain the Ocean.
  • Legendaries are worshipped, and battles over it have occurred in the past.
  • Uxie, being the Pokémon of knowledge, is omniscient, knowing all that was, is, will be, could've been, or could be.
  • Together the lake trio equals one creation trio member in terms of power.
  • Unown count as legendaries in swarms and can be accurately described as the "base code" of reality. They also come in every script you can think of.
  • Genesect doesn't count.
  • Heatran are volcano spirits, with most if not all volcanoes having at least one inhabiting them.
  • In the case of fighting something creation trio tier, if you win it's only because they let you win.
  • Latii are immortal in the sense that they don't die of old age, but just like in the movies they can be killed like any mortal mon.
  • While Attributes are generally not of high importance, Zygarde is a Mind, Yveltal is a Heart, and Xerneas is a Soul.
  • Legendaries take on different forms depending on their era. Ex. At one point Kyogre looked like a Raava-esque oversized flatworm.
  • Much like how Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres are harbingers of winter, summer, and spring respectively, Lugia is a harbinger of autumn.

Pokémon Biology and Misc. Facts

  • Mammalian Pokémon can either lay eggs like monotremes in RL or bear live young, with the former being more common in captivity or in times of famine. For other mons they can take cues from their RL analogues in terms of birthing.
  • Male only species can breed with non-Ditto in order to continue their species in the wild, but for some reason are unable to in captivity.
  • Pokémon generally mate with their own species in the wild, but are more willing to engage in interbreeding in captivity.
  • Onix are actually pretty fleshy on the inside, their outside is a cuticle with the thickness of rock.
  • Diglett and Dugtrio instinctively dig down upon being released from a ball faster than the blink of an eye, which is why it's so hard to get a full view of their body structure.
  • Pokémon can learn more than four moves, though it can be harder for them to use a move that has been in disuse for a long time. Unique moves are something that is fairly common, ranging from the fantastic to the mundane.
  • Pokémon have a "universal language" that they speak amongst different species, and unique languages for speaking amongst eachother.
  • Phenotypes can differ depending on regions. Ex. Quest!Tars being shorter and brighter than their cousins on the mainland.
  • Most Pokémon can live at least as long as people do, give or take a couple years. Others can live centuries, and inorganic mons and Ghosts are functionally immortal.
  • Gliscor is indeed lighter than Gligar.
  • Any Pokemon that evolves through level-up will eventually reach its final form if given enough time. Ex. Every Shinx, absent items like Everstones or death, will eventually become a Luxray. Stuff like Training, Rare Candies, and the new B/W 2 items do serve to shorten the process.
  • The reason why for example Murkrow is two Gens away from Honchkrow on the Pokédex is because the first type specimen was recorded in Sinnoh.

Society, Culture, and Geography

  • Much like Masuda has said on the subject, the Pokemon world in general has elements of Japanese culture but also various other cultures in a melting pot.
  • There is probably a region for every culture we have, though they may not be in the same places as IRL, or even look exactly the same from space.
  • Some RL animals do exist, but it's mainly limited to small arthropods.
  • The Pokeverse is about the same technological level as us in some places and higher in others, such as in computing.
  • Pokeballs have an entire virtual world for their occupants.
  • Alternative fuel sources are very common and happen to be much more efficient than current models.
  • Much like in the Secret Bases, people do use their computers to digitize furniture for moving around.
  • Firearms do exist, but are so heavily restricted in most regions that pretty much only the authorities and organized crime syndicates possess them. Orre is a notable exception.
  • From space the regions of Gen's I-IV do look more or less like Japan, though blown up a few times, sort of like the anime map.
  • Jubilife was where miso ramen was invented, since Sapporo where it was based on happens to be where miso ramen was invented IRL.
  • Some music from the games does indeed exist in-universe.
  • Fiore is either directly north of Johto or somewhere in the Pokeverse's equivalent of the Tohoku region of Japan.
  • While not a total 1:1 of Earth history (Since obviously Earth doesn't have Pokemon), Pokehistory does have some analogues to our own.
  • TM technology is employed in teaching.
  • There are pop culture equivalents of all RL media.
  • While actual Pokedexes tend to be rare, it isn't uncommon for trainers to have apps that serve the same purpose like the Strategy Memo from the Orre games.
  • Prehistoric humans would sharpen dragon scales in order to make highly effective spears.
  • While people in the Pokémon world do eat meat, the general diet of the population is omnivorous leaning herbivory, with vegetarians and vegans being far more common.

Humans with Supernatural Abilities

  • Jane!Aura (Aura and Obscura) is a thing, and it is joined with nature Aura as well. Ex. Energy Ball.
  • From most to least rare it goes Dark-Obscuric>Ghost-Obscuric>Auric>Psychic.
  • Due to their powers coming from the same wellspring, each of the quartet can use the powers of any of the others with the proper training. but almost never at the same level as someone with a natural attunement. Ex. An Auric can fire off a Dark Pulse, but it would likely not be nearly as strong as one fired by a Dark-Obscuric.
  • The empathic abilities of Aurics can at times cause misanthropy due to being aware of everyone's emotions, whether they want to be or not.
  • Auric abilities in general were once far more common in the human population, but were lessened through systematic purges of those individuals.
  • Nature Aura involves types including but not limited to Grass, Fire, and Electric. Humans with powers over nature Aura are incredibly rare, with scant references throughout history, mainly those attuned to Grass.

Pokémon vs Firearms

  • Firearms are pretty reliable at killing mons, provided that they don't have thick armor like a Rhyperior, and even then AP* and HEAT* rounds would be suited for taking them down. Of course, the problem would be making sure you didn't get killed before firing, so the preferred distance would be from really far away.
  • There exists bullets coated in Umbrate for killing Ghost types.

WAAPT Headcanons

  • The J-Team is not the first group of its kind, won't be the last, and isn't the only one in existence ATM.
  • The WAAPT Multiverse is indeed an omniverse, but the Entralink has issues accessing universes that are very similar. For example, a universe where the only real difference is Tagg showing up a mere couple minutes late while getting his Bulbasaur would be more or less inaccessible due to lack of ability to properly differentiate between universes. Another would be a difference somewhere that didn't directly affect the events of WAAPT at any rate. Due to PMD-A for instance being very different from the OU, it is conversely much easier to access.
  • The WAAPTverse has likely had multiple Cosmic Retcons over the years, with only the Gen VI one being noticeable due to Fairy types.
  • Arceus exists at once throughout the entire multiverse.
  • In this universe Pokepan didn't have as large an isolationist period, and even did some expansion, leading to the majority of people there being of both Asian and Caucasian/White analogue descent and explaining the commonality of both Eastern and Western names.
  • Species transformation Armbands can make language acquisition in general easier.
  • There is a universe where Tagg was the hero of White 1, and he and Vanilluxe were both dual Heroes of Ideals.
  • The universe when Dawn was the Platinum "PC" instead of DS is actually the Otherverse.
  • Christmas in the WAAPTverse involves a human incarnation of Arceus that more or less serves as the equivalent to the Christ figure.
  • Holon is where the Noto Peninsula would be on the Honshu landmass.