Allen Avadonia

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Allen Avadonia is a former member of Cipher and Neo-Galactic. He became Hikari's assistant at the PEFE in order to steal data from them. He has developed Aura Jammers. As Alexiel, he wore a full-faced comedy mask to hide his face.


  • Was Hikari's assistant prior to his betrayal.
  • The mere mention of his name is enough to make Tagg do an involuntary Terrifying Presence calling him a "filthy traitor" due to his betrayal of the PEFE.
  • He has a sister named Rillianne.
  • Had Lyuri dress up with him as his "sister" Alexia in order to screw with her mind after he snagged and shadowed Duke.
  • Lucius considers him one of his greatest enemies, but Allen just considers him an annoyance for the most part.
  • Most villain groups plain just can't stand him due to his duplicitous nature.