Alrey Maroe

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Name: Alrey Maroe
Nickname: Al
Gender: Female
Sexuality: -
Age: 17
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Ethnicity: -
Birthday: October 2, 1997
Trainer ID: -
Home: Fallarbor Town, Hoenn
Pokéform: Azurill
Starter: Denshi

Al (full name Alrey Maroe) is a Trainer coming from Fallarbor City of Hoenn.


Alrey was born in Fallarbor Town, where she lived and grown up with her parents. Due to specificity of the town, she has been taught gardening during that time, which helped her to grow her own garden.

As a 14 year old, she was hitchiking in mountains by Fallarbor Town with her parents, only to lose balance during and break her legs from falling. Because she couldn't do much. Her parents decided to cheer her up by giving her a Pokémon Egg (which turned out to be Denshi). The Egg fueled her curiosity, and lifted up her spirits. Broken legs turned out to qualify for rehabilitation, and she recovered after few months.

While her parents has since moved to another city, they allowed her to stay in Fallarbor, because she was attached to it. Additionally, considering she was old enough to take care of herself, and her being well known among the local citizens, they didn't see anything wrong with her staying in Fallarbor City.

When she was around 15 years old, she met Eridanus during his breakdown. She helped him, and gave Denshi as a memento.

When Eridanus was, he sent a plant sample to her. She contacted Prof. Birch, as she couldn't identify it. In the end, it was identified by Ramos.

She has received Atla as a gift from Eridanus when he was adventuring in Kalos.

During Fiore-2, she temporarily left Summerland to search for Super Nerd with Atla and Denshi, while being followed by Forge. Eridanus wasn't exactly happy about her leaving on her own, without any warning whatsoever.

Thankfully enough, he returned in Almia-2, sometime before the team moved to Haruba Desert from Hia Valley... which affected her indirectly to some degree.


Green-haired girl standing at 165 cm (5'6"). She wears blue shorts and green blouse. She dressed this way so her movements are free, considering she does gardening, and thus also she gets dirty.


  • Friends with Tori and Lane.
  • On good terms with Super Nerd, Blitz, and Eridanus.

Other details

  • Favorite color: ?
  • Likes: Flowers
  • Dislikes: ?
  • Fears: ?
  • First appearance: Page 14645

Alrey's team



Not much to speak of, doesn't seem to be the kind to get too much into J-Team activities.

Al's Team
On hand:Atla704Mini.pngRose315Mini.pngDamant672Mini.png
Given away:Denshi026Mini.png
As last seen in: Ranger-2