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Blue aka Gary; you can not ignore his girth. is the son of Professor Oak and in the WAAPT-verse standing Gym Leader of Viridian City in the Kanto Region. He is a Gym Leader-slash-half-time-Researcher touring the west side of Kanto.

Blue has a… charming personality. You'll totally love him. And you'll find him at the last corner before the Pokécenter while you're coming back from a dangerous and tiring road trip. He also has a Ph.D, a cheerleader team and a Corvette at the age of 10. (or whatever it is with floating ages in the Pokéverse)

NPC Handlers: Tracer Bullet (Gold Conference).


Blue's team in the Gold Conference:

  • A Zen Gardener Tyranitar.
  • A Pidgeot who dislikes having to fight in closed spaces.
  • An Arcanine who happens to be OU!Eltenios (and who replaced his Gyarados due to sickness at the time).
  • A psychic-band cheerleader Exeggutor who likes to advertise Gary memes a lot.
  • A Machamp.
  • A Rhyperior.


Red beat him for the title of Champion of Kanjoh some time ago.

Tagg challenged and beat him in the Gold Conference (starting here).

It is stated that despite the opportunities, other characters such as Luke have declined throwing rematch challenges at Blue because of his Exeggutor's personality.

Blue's Team
On Hand : Tyranitar248Mini.pngPidgeot018Mini.pngArcanine059Mini.pngExeggutor103Mini.pngMachamp068Mini.pngRhyperior464Mini.pngGyarados130Mini.png
As last seen in: Gold Conference