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Box is Amanita's Tentacruel.


Age: 4

Birthday: May 5

Nature: Naughty

Ability: Rain Dish

Met: Route 223 (Tentacool)

Ball: Ultra

Favorite Move: Toxic Spikes

Likes: Causing pain

Dislikes: Others


Box is a cruel mon, with little concern for life around her. She seems well aware that her touch is poisonous and occasionally lethal, but does as little as she can to prevent this.

Abilities in Battle

Box has exceptional defensive abilities, and astonishing speed for a mon her size. However, she lacks heavy damage output, and usually fights through status effects and setup.

Known Moves

  • TypeWater.gif Scald, Surf, Hydro Pump
  • TypePoison.gif Toxic Spikes, Sludge Wave, Toxic
  • TypeGhost.gif Confuse Ray, Hex
  • TypeNormal.gif Protect


Box was caught shortly after Amanita beat Volkner's Gym. She realized that she would need a Surfing mon, and caught Box for this purpose.


None yet.


None, aside from distaste for most of Amanita's team.

Amanita's Team
On Hand : Ares169Mini.pngEmperor452Mini.pngPhobos094Mini.pngDinacia031Mini.pngBox073Mini.pngSulfur316Mini.png
Boxed : Thorn407Mini.pngMusket435Mini.pngKazekage015Mini.pngDart454Mini.png
As last seen in: Galar