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Dinacia is Amanita's Nidoqueen.


Age: 14

Birthday: November 22

Nature: Careful

Ability: Poison Point

Met: Somewhere in Sinnoh (Nidoran)

Ball: Great

Favorite Move: Earthquake

Likes: Caring, smaller mons

Dislikes: Bullies


Dinacia is a mostly gentle mon, who enjoys taking care of anything smaller than her and some things that aren't. However, she occasionally has a mischievous streak, and remains a fierce battler.

Abilities in Battle

Dinacia fights physically, charging straight at an opponent to make use of both her great physical strength and her Poison Points ability.

Known Moves:

  • TypePoison.gif: Poison Jab
  • TypeGround.gif: Earthquake, Dig
  • TypeNormal.gif: Chip Away, Body Slam
  • TypeFighting.gif: Double Kick, Superpower
  • TypeRock.gif: Rock Slide
  • TypeFire.gif: Fire Punch
  • TypeDragon.gif: Dragon Tail


Dinacia used to be a Sinn Nidoran, who was caught by Amanita on her first venture out of the burrow. Amanita barely escaped the angry Nidorin@, but did manage to keep Dinacia.




None of note

Amanita's Team
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