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Kazekage is Amanita's Beedrill.


Age: 5 years

Birthday: January 17

Nature: Hasty

Ability: Swarm

Met: Ilex Forest

Ball: Ultra

Favorite Move: Fury Attack

Likes: Fighting, loyalty

Dislikes: Peace and quiet


Kazekage is extremely violent, and will usually attack Amanita upon release. However, he couples this trait with extreme loyalty, and if she manages to not die he will obey her completely.

Abilities in Battle

Unknown, but likely fairly vicious.

Known Moves:

  • TypeBug.gif: Twineedle, Pin Missile, String Shot, Bug Bite
  • TypePoison.gif Poison Sting, Poison Jab, Toxic Spikes
  • TypeNormal.gif: Fury Attack, Rage, Harden


Kazekage's history is unknown.




Kazekage gets along with nobody, though is loyal to Amanita when he fails to kill her, and is tolerated by Dart.

Amanita's Team
On Hand : Ares169Mini.pngEmperor452Mini.pngPhobos094Mini.pngDinacia031Mini.pngBox073Mini.pngSulfur316Mini.pngGlobule088Mini.pngDrifter690Mini.pngSpinagon747Mini.pngOxy758Mini.png
Boxed : Thorn407Mini.pngMusket435Mini.pngKazekage015Mini.pngDart454Mini.png
As last seen in: Entralink Arc