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The Feywilds are a parallel plane to the OU. They are described as "a world overflowing with life", thriving with Fairy-type Pokémon and others particularly in tune with nature. Up until the events of Pokémon XY and the attempted use of the Ultimate Weapon, the Feywilds were where Xerneas and the Fairy-type had been sealed, with severely limited contact with humanity. Any given universe's Feywilds cannot be used as a gateway to other universes by themselves, but can still be reached through an Ultra Wormhole or through the Entree.

The Ambient Aura Field in the Feywilds is much more vibrant than in the Mundane Plane, to the point that use of Aura Sense can prove blinding if the user isn't used to the Feywilds yet, as shown with Tagg during his first Feywilds visit.

Known Feywilds Entrances


  • The Feywilds are based on the plane of the same name in Dungeons & Dragons.