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Name: Groot
Species: Onix
Gender: Male
Age: [Unspecified]
Nature: [Currently Unspecified]
Ability: Sturdy
Pokeball: Pokeball
Owner: Jack

Groot is an Onix owned by Jack and is best friends with Runt. He is Jack's primary combat pokemon and provides his trainer with a secondary means of transport.

First Appearance: Post #219713


Jacks 'big gun' and go-to pokemon in combat. A gentle giant at heart, but not afraid to throw his weight around and get violent if needed and is protective of his friends.


Joined Jack after Groot and Runt formed a friendship on their own.

WAAPT History

Would be seen helping Jack search for signs of an ancient precursor civilization. After being ambushed, was temporarily separated from Jack, but Runt helped him return soon after.

Confirmed Moves

  • TypeGround.gif Dig: Implied, Groot confirmed to be able to dig through rock and ground easily, presumably could be used in an attack fashion
  • TypeNormal.gif Bind
  • TypeNormal.gif Slam
  • TypeSteel.gif Iron Tail
  • TypeNormal.gif Screech

Jack's Team
On Hand : Runt063Mini.pngGroot095Mini.pngPenny015Mini.pngLefty141Mini.png
Boxed : N/A
As last seen in: Inside the Magic Mirror