Penny (Jack)

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Name: Penny
Species: Beedrill
Gender: Female
Age: [Unspecified]
Nature: [Currently Unspecified]
Ability: Swarm
Pokeball: Net
Owner: Jack

Penny is a Beedrill owned by Jack. She's an angry Pokémon with rage issues that has a complicated history with Jack from even before he caught her.

First Appearance: Post #219762


An angry Beedrill with Rage issues. Jack prefers not to use her since she can be unpredictable or get to focused on her opponents during combat, instead usually keeping her in her Pokeball where she can cause the least damage. This only serves to compound her typically bad mood. She also doesn't say very much, usually preferring to brood angrily.


Jack and Penny originally met in a Noodle Incident involving an offense Jack committed. Still isn't sure himself what happened, and Penny refuses to share the details he'd need to figure it out to the point where Jack suspects she just didn't like him for some reason. Even after both getting away from her and defeating her in combat, she kept showing up like "a bad penny" (hence the name), at which point Jack caught her just to make sure she was fighting for him instead of against him.

WAAPT History

Escaped Pokeball morning after Jack met J-Team and ambushed him before being returned to her pokeball. She would later be called upon while Jack was searching for signs of an ancient civilization, first by accident while he attempted to save himself from a waterfall and soon after while both Groot and Runt were absent in order to protect him from a Gligar. Unusually, the "fight" resulted in neither combatant resulted in taking any damage, as much talking as fighting, and ended abruptly by Groot's sudden reappearance sending the Gligar flying off into the distance.

While inside the Magic Mirror, Penny dueled with a Kabuto named Lefty McStabbington and defeated him. She then forced him to surrender so that he could be her minion, leading to Jack capturing him.

Confirmed Moves

  • TypePsychic.gif Agility
  • TypeNormal.gif Fury Attack
  • TypeBug.gif Pin Missile

Possesses Other Moves Not Yet Revealed

Jack's Team
On Hand : Runt063Mini.pngGroot095Mini.pngPenny015Mini.pngLefty141Mini.png
Boxed : N/A
As last seen in: Inside the Magic Mirror