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Name: Jack Jackson, Jr.
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Sexuality: -
Age: 25
Height: {{{height}}}
Ethnicity: -
Birthday: unstated
Home: Viridian City, Kanto
Pokéform:  ???
Starter: Runt

First Appearance: Post #219076

Jack Jackson, Jr. is a photojournalist originally from Viridian City in the Kanto region.


Six foot man with short hair, a perpetual 5 o'clock shadow, and generally an unkempt appearance. Not muscular by any means, but certainly not unfit. Clothing leans towards what would be suitable for the outdoors. Wears a large brimmed fendoraish hat that's seen more than it's fair share of wear and tear over the years, but Jack does his best to fix it and keep it as long as he can. Often seen with camera nearby, ready to be used at a moments notice.


Pre-Game History

The history of Team Rocket in his home region developed in Jack a yearning for the truth to thwart the activities of wrongdoers. Trained as both a Pokemon Ranger and a Police Officer before discovering a better use for his talents in photography and photojournalism. While he's drifted from his commitment to using the medium to expose wrongdoing, he hasn't lost his sense of morality, refusing to sacrifice the truth or sully himself with muckraking in the interest of a 'better story'.

History In WAAPT

Originally appeared in Ecruteak City with Runt escaping a massive hoard of Mankey. Met the J-Team after being abducted by a concerned Clockwise, and proceeded to give some of their members a ride to Celadon City. He later met a mysterious man named Michael who proceeded to tell him about an array of information. This included a story about an ancient precursor civilization of Metagross and Alakazam. He began searching for some of these ruins soon after.

During the search, Jack and his pokemon was ambushed by a large Arcanine, causing him to be temporarily separated from Groot, and then also separated from Runt when the Abra went to search for Groot. While they were gone, Jack was attacked by a Gligar, forcing him to use Penny to defend himself, though with unexpected results. He then investigated a statue he'd found at the bottom of a lake, and was attacked by a giant Feraligator. With some difficulty, Jack and his team succeeded in driving the large pokemon back into the lake.

After getting his team healed, Jack received a message from the J-Team and discovered who they were. He traveled with them to their secret based, and after joining in a search for strange things, Jack got into a couch that may or may not have been alive. This fight resulted in Jack and his team falling into a Magic Mirror that replicated the events of various stories. While there, Penny dueled with a Pirate Kabutops named Lefty McStabbington and forced his surrender, allowing Jack to capture him.


Due to his chosen profession, Jack hasn't put much effort into the capture and training of many pokemon, saving such efforts for significant moments. As such, his team is relatively small.

  • Runt is Jack's starting Pokemon, and Abra that also serves as Jack's primary form of transportation.
  • Groot is an Onix that is Jack's primary combat pokemon.
  • Penny is a Beedrill that Jack has an unfriendly relationship and complicated history with.
  • Lefty McStabbington is a Pirate Kabutops that surrendered to Penny inside the Magic Mirror.

Jack's Team
On Hand : Runt063Mini.pngGroot095Mini.pngPenny015Mini.pngLefty141Mini.png
Boxed : N/A
As last seen in: Inside the Magic Mirror