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Hirunda is Ann's Swellow, and the second Pokémon she obtained during the Hoenn-2 Arc.


Personality-wise, Hirunda can be described as serious but with a whimsical side to her as well. Oddly enough, she likes to run more than most other Swellow do.


  • Age: 4
  • Birthday: Spring 2013
  • Ball: Poké
  • Ability: Guts
  • Met: Route 104, Hoenn (Taillow)

Known Techniques

  • TypeFighting.gif Reversal
  • TypeFire.gif Heat Wave
  • TypeFlying.gif Aerial Ace, Air Slash, Brave Bird, Fly, Pluck, Wing Attack
  • TypeNormal.gif Boomburst, Endeavor, Secret Power


  • Hirunda is generally friendly with people on her team, though she's closest to Genmei.


  • Hirunda's name comes from the genus name for swallows, Hirundo.

Ann's Team
On Hand : Gekkota254Mini.pngCristata262Mini.pngHirunda277Mini.pngFortuna282Mini.pngGenmei297Mini.pngZarigani342Mini.png
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