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Juan (family name or surname is unknown) is the Hoenn Gym Leader of Sootopolis original timeline of WAAPT at the time of the Hoenn-2 Arc, succeeding Wallace who left the position to become the incumbent Hoenn Champion. In former times, he was the one who instructed and trained Wallace.

He is a man of art and style, and performs as a Coordinator and Trainer. He also leads some exhibitions with artistic performances of various kinds with Water-type Pokémon. He fancies himself a renaissance man and has the skills, the time and the elegance to back it up.

NPC Handlers include Venia Silente.


Juan's team is specially created in WAAPT to not be right out a copy of Wallace's team as it is in the anime, and at the same time to draw more from Pokémon lines having a hint of sportmanship and artistry to them.


A female Kingdra, Juan's main partner. Has Sniper as an ability. Moves known include: TypeDragon.gif Dragonbreath, TypeIce.gif Aurora Beam, and Agility.

Teófilo (Poliwhirl)

A male Poliwhirl, nicknamed Teófilo after the boxer of the same name. Moves known include TypeFighting.gif Rock Smash, Wake-up Slap, TypeNormal.gif Body Slam.

Acamar (Starmie)

A Starmie, nicknamed Acamar after the namesake star name meaning "end of the river". Likes to ode about its story of life in the depths of the sea. Moves known include TypeIce.gif Icy Wind, TypeGhost.gif Shadow Ball, TypeNormal.gif Rapid Spin and Cosmic Power.

For battle technique, it surrounds itself in a makeshift cloud from which only its gem can be seen as an eye.

Casados (Samurott)

A male Samurott nicknamed Casados, after the actor he's compared to in the anime, and that is specializing in imitation and lip syncing. Doesn't actually participate in battles.


At least the following characters have faced Juan for the Gym Badge:

Juan's Team
On Hand : Kingdra230Mini.pngAcamar121Mini.pngTeófilo061Mini.png
Performer : Casados503Mini.png
As last seen in: Sootopolis Gym, Hoenn-2 Arc