Le Doge

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"Mhmmm... welcome to Restaurant Le Doge. Exquisite for canines. Very grandeur, such prices."
-Grovyle waiter

Restaurant Le Doge is a mons-centered establishment in Cyllage, Kalos.

Staff include a Grovyle waiter, a Magmar waiter, a Frosslass waitress, and a Typhlosion♀ entertainer who knows Rings of Fire. The illumination for the candlelight area is in charge of a family of Litwick.

Near the end of the Kalos Arc, Milo (in Audrey's body) and Korrina's Lucario go there on a date. Dintel and Ichtacya are also there, offscreen.

Le Doge might have a counterpart mons-centeres establishment in the form of Le Lolcat.